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Wow. Started playing with a trail of Adobe Premiere CS6. It's very solid. They added a lot of hot keys which are really nice.

It is still missing several features that would put it on par with FCP 7 as far as ability to edit with speed.

Features I think it's missing. Let me know if you know how to this because I can't figure it out.

Hotkeys needed:
-to move clips up and down to different tracks.
-Adjusting speed. In final cut you push "S" three times and can drag a clip out and it would adjust it's speed. Or Command+J
-They added a Ripple Delete hotkey but it still doesn't work good. You have to select the space between the clips you want to ripple delete. Which is a HUGE time waster. Especially when I pull selects and end up with 50 clips that need to be rippled.

Couple other things.
-If it could right click to apply a transition. They did add a hotkey for this which is something I guess I can adjust too. Avid does this after all.
-They need to make it so when you load the FCP keyboard shortcuts. It actually matches the same keys. For example. In final cut you nude a clip with < and > or Alt Left Right Arrow. In Premiere it only loads Alt Left and Right arrow. Is more work then just pushing < and >.

-They need to make audio and video to lock when moving them up and down between video and audio tracks like Avid and FCP do. This would save sooooo much time when moving clips around. There might be a way but I haven't figured it out yet.

So far those are the only flaws I've noticed. I'll probably make a more detailed post on my blog as I continue to work with it.

I've very excited for this new release. FCP murdering itself isn't such a bad thing after all with Premiere now being a great go to editing software.

I guess Avid is good too. It's just built so backwards from anything that makes any sense what so ever or has anything to do with common sense. And I can say this because I've cut on Avid for several years.

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+Alik Griffin Your work astounds me! Thank you for sharing all that you do. And even more thanks for being so handsome..I had to state this. 
+Chelsea Conley Yes. It's hard but everything can be learned and anyone can do it. And once you know it everything starts to feel natural and comes easy. The hardest part about it is dealing with other creative people who always try to force their opinions.
Homa Kh
sounds I should give it a try, thanks for sharing these cool enhancement and of course missing features.
I need to download it and get to playing with it... just getting video editing and such... and tips would b great lol
You mean you've cut on Final Cut for several years??
+Xtian Bretz Believe it or not, I was on avid for a few years when I was cutting promos at Montgomery. I think it was before you moved to L.A. We weren't bffs yet so I probably didn't tell you.
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