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Alik Griffin

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Dockweiler Sunset

We've been having some strange weather this summer in Los Angeles giving us some nice sunsets. This one was at my usually surf spot. The only beach in Los Angeles that for some reason isn't packed with people and is still a great place to surf. Although, I'm not sure how polluted the water is.

The waves were great there this morning and there was only one other person out. Even a few dolphins came and joined us pretending to be sharks.

I tell you what, when a dolphin's fin aiming right towards you pops out of the water only a few meters away, your heart stops every time. I've been surfing almost twenty years and they still get me with that. 

I shot this with my Fuji X-T1 and the Voigtlander 15mm Heliar III

#landscapephotography   #fujiXT1   #fujifilm   #oceanphotography   #sunsetphotos   #losangeles   #california  
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+carol owens no. lots and lots of photoshop. :)
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Alik Griffin

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Downtown Los Angeles

Lived here for almost eight years and never made it to this spot to shoot until last night. Glad I found it because it's such a great view.

I shot this with the Fuji X-T1 and the new Voigtlander 15mm Heliar III. It actually is a really great lens, especially on the Fuji-XT1.
It also works well on the Sony A7r. I'll post more soon when I finish reviewing it. 

#cityscapephotography   #landscapephotography   #losangeles   #fujifilm   #FujiXT1   #Voigtlander  
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+Maribel Schilling lol. ;)
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Alik Griffin

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Fukuoka City Rush

Went down town the other night and what a jungle. So much fun. Reminds me a little of Blade Runner. 
This photo is part of my Fujinon 56mm f1.2 R review. You can see it here: Such a great lens.

#fujifilm   #XT1   #Japan   #Fukuoka   #streetphotography  
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Alik Griffin

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Ishibashi Rei-dai-kyo Bridge

Been breaking in my 10-24mm f4 Fujinon lens. Loving it on this Fuji X-T1.

#landscapephotography   #hdrphotography   #japan   #fujixt1  
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So very nice even full screen on an iPad. Tomorrow I'll enjoy it again on my Thunderbolt Display :D
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Alik Griffin

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Golden Rice Terrace
Heading back to Japan in just two more days. This photo is from last year that I recently processed. I shot it on the Sony A7r with a Canon lens.

This year I'll be using mostly my Fuji X-T1 and X100T. Should be fun!

Like +1 and Share.

I'm also on Instagram now 
It's crazy, with Instagram I get significantly more activity with less than 1/18,000 of followers over Google+. G+ seems like it's really died in this last year. Anyone else feel that way?

#sonyA7r   #japan   #landscapephotography   #sunset
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+carol owens I've been really liking Fuji lately. It might not be the A7r, but I think their gear is really fun to use. Something about it.

But it's always fun to switch it up, see if the gear really does make a difference. :)
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Alik Griffin

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Huntington Beach Pier

I shot this with the Fuji X100T but processed it with Iridient Developer. I'm finding Iridient can produce much sharper images than Lightroom when used with X-Trans sensors.  See more on that:

I'll be doing a full comparison between Iridient and Lightroom soon as soon as the new Lightroom comes out. What ever happened to that anyway? All these camera shops were allowing pre-orders for it then suddenly it just vanished. 

#Iridient   #fujix100T   #landscapephotography   #huntingtonbeach   #oceanphotography  
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Alik Griffin

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See The Fuji X-T1 Destroy the Sony A7r In This Pixel-to-Pixel Showdown

I put the Sony A7r into APS-C crop mode to see how the Fuji X-T1 holds up against it. While the Sony A7r has been reviewed as one of the best sensors at the time of its release (soon to be replaced by the A7rII), it seems when comparing what the sensors could do based on surface area alone, the Fuji X-T1 destroys it. 

#fujifilm   #sonya7r   #FujiXT1   #xt1   #xshooters   #landscapephotography   #reviews2015  
A pixel to pixel showdown between the sensor of the Sony A7r and the Fuji X-T1. See the winner.
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+Alik Griffin  I'm currently deciding on trying the XT1 myself because of the aforementioned stuff and mobility. It really is a tempting package.

Fuji really knows what they're doing with these sensors, and like you mentioned, if the next sensor is BSI, it might blow this one (and fullframes) out of the water completely – they just need to make people aware of what they have.
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Alik Griffin

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The Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Heliar III Review
I've reviewed the new Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Heliar III with both the Fuji X-T1 and the Sony A7r. One camera is APS-C and one is Full frame giving two different looks.

For the size and weight the lens is incredible. Very sharp from corner to corner and super fun to use. All in all I like using it more on an APS-C camera but it's still great on the Sony A7r.

Check out the full review here:

The image here is of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It was taken on the Sony A7r with the Voigtlander 15mm III. 
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Alik Griffin

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On Mount Aso

This is as close as I could get to the actual top of mount Aso, The crater is closed off because it's too active. The air was filled with volcanic ash and gasses. Behind me was actually a mini cemetery of some sort. Bunch of graves, it was creepy.

This photo is part of my Fujifilm 10-24mm Review. It's a fantastic ultra wide zoom with very few flaws. I highly recommend.

See my review here:

#fujifilm   #Fujixt1   #japanphotography   #landscapephotography
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Beautiful landscape. Love the lines and colors. Looking like artwork, this really shows off the lens, too. 
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Alik Griffin

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A Perfect Day In Southern Japan
The typhoon finally cleared up leaving these perfect blue skies. This is one of the best views I've seen in Japan so far and not a soul was in sight.

#japan   #riceterrace   #Fujixt1   #fujifilm   #hdrphotography   #landscapephotography
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Fabulous view 
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Alik Griffin

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Lost In The Woods

This photo was another one from last year in Japan. My wife and I set off to find undiscovered areas to shoot. Found this naturally growing bamboo forest somewhere between Saga and Fukuoka.

#japan   #bamboo   #landscapephotography   #landscape   #sonya7r  
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+Curley Charles Thanks Curley, Sound like Lake Charles is a pretty awesome place.
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Alik Griffin

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How HDR Works In The New Lightroom

I wrote up a brief little description of how HDR works in the new Lightroom. It's pretty cool and different and it's how I processed this photo.
You can see it here:

#hdrphotography   #landscapephotography   #lightroom   #santamonica   #sunsetphotography  
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