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Huntington Beach Pier

I shot this with the Fuji X100T but processed it with Iridient Developer. I'm finding Iridient can produce much sharper images than Lightroom when used with X-Trans sensors.  See more on that:

I'll be doing a full comparison between Iridient and Lightroom soon as soon as the new Lightroom comes out. What ever happened to that anyway? All these camera shops were allowing pre-orders for it then suddenly it just vanished. 

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Pacific Park, Santa Monica

This was a shot from last weekend when we had some of that crazy weather here in Los Angeles. What I mean by crazy weather is that it rained for a few minutes. :)

I shot this on the Fuji X100T believe it or not. I was testing the Tamron 15-30 on my Canon 5Dmkii and got bored so switched over to my little guy. I have to say, I'm thinking Fuji might make the best sensor in the industry right now in terms of DR, color accuracy and sharpness. And there is some pretty advance tech going on there as well. 

This shot was a single exposure. No HDR. Very little post processing.

Waiting to see what Fuji does with the X-Pro2 then I might make the full switch over from my Sony A7r. But we'll see. It's still too early to completely abandon Sony for their lack of build quality and quality control.  But I think I'll probably end up just run two systems. A FF Sony and an APS-C Fuji, because I still really do like my A7r. It just needs a lens mount that doesn't wobble, a lcd screen that doesn't get little bubbles in it and proper weather sealing.

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Thanks +Georg Tirebiter and +Photo Mania USA 
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Dockweiler Beach Sunset
The Chinese New Years Eve brought us an amazing sunset here in Los Angeles.
As I was driving to the beach everything was completely grey and overcast. Sitting in rush hour traffic I was thinking I completely wasted my evening. Glad I stuck with it. :)

This photo was taken with the new Tamron 15-30mm ultra wide zoom lens. I'll have a full review probably up tonight or tomorrow. So far It's a solid lens. But a little awkward using it with the Sony A7r.

#landscapephotography   #losangelesphotographer   #sunsetphotography   #tamron   #sonya7r   #oceanphotography  
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Thank you +Ann Maser 
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Memory Card Speeds Test For The Sony RX100 III

I've finished testing the memory card speeds of the Sony RX100 III.
See what the fastest and best memory card is:

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My 2015 Photography Predictions

See them here:

These are my predictions, what are yours?

Photo taken with the Fuji X100T

#fujix100t   #fujifilm  
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My first photo for 2015
This year is off to a good start. I shot this with the Fuji X100T - My new love addiction. 

Learn how you can shoot HDR with the Fuji X100T here:  It's kind of complicated.

#landscapephotography   #hdrphotography   #Fujix100T   #fujifilm  
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Thanks +Jean L. Serio & +Vishal Kanjani Happy New Year to you as well!
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San Francisco City Hall
Just got back from San Francisco and actually did the tourist thing this time.
This was my first time to City Hall. I really love this building and it was very cool to explore. A lot of homeless around there but you should check it out if you ever come to this city.

I've posted a few more street photography photos on my blog here:

#Fujix100T   #sanfrancisco  
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With gold leaf on the dome!
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Tamron 15-30mm Review Is Up
I've finished testing out the new Tamron 15-30mm lens. You can see the full review on my website here:

It's not a bad lens for the price. Might be the best bang for the buck if you're a DSLR shooter. Check it out.

  #Lanscapephotography   #Tamron15mm    #lensreview  
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No worires, thank you !! 
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Rising Forces - Oahu Hawaii
Another shot from Hawaii showing the power of the Ocean there. 

I grew up going to the beaches regularly here in southern California and surfing through my teens and twenties. But that ocean in Hawaii, it still scares me. Poseidon is just always so angry out there.

#hawaii   #sonya7r   #landscapephotography   #oceanphotography   #beachphotography   #beachlife   #wavesphotograpy  
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Thanks for the comment +DonnaRae Kelly Jarrell 
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Another Beautiful Day In Paradise
A breathtaking sunset from Waimea Bay Hawaii. Love this place!

#sonya7r   #hawaii   #landscapephotography   #hawaiiphotography   #oahuphotography   #sunsetphotography   #beachlife  
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A Perfect Calm - Paradise Cover, Malibu California
A cool little spot in Malibu. I had the whole beach to myself, not a single photographer in sight. Although parking was $40 dollars, might have had something to do with it. 

It just looks so peaceful doesn't it? Often when we see photographers posting these images you think there was some euphoric magical experience behind the shot. That's usually so far from the truth and anyone that says otherwise is a liar!

For this shot, it was 50 degrees. I had two sweatshirts on, a beanie and a scarf, because for some reason 50 degrees in California might as well be -20. Not only that, but I pinched the hell out of my finger on my tripod so it was bleeding everywhere. People that make tripods actually hate photographers and can't come up with a design that won't pinch our fingers. And then to top it all off, I had to pay $40 dollars for parking. :)

See my Fuji X100T Landscape Photographer here:

Enjoy the shot! 

#landscapephotography   #malibu   #fujix100t   #seascape   #oceanphotography  
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+Alik Griffin the colors look so natural! :)
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Above The Sky - Mount Kilauea

Here is another shot from Hawaii. This time I was up on Mount Kilauea which is on the Big Island. The view from up here is incredible, but it was ridiculously cold and windy making it difficult to enjoy the beautiful sunset - At least we can all enjoy the photo. :)

#landscapephotography   #hawaii   #hawaiiphotography   #sunsetphotography  
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Thanks +Morgan Sullivan If you ever go to the Big Island it's a must see.
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