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To log-out of Facebook seems to be an increasing problem.

This week (now April 6), I saw impressive documentaries of pupils, mostly girls, being mobbed and extorted at school because of nude pictures. Others can take nude pictures by phone, and after the relationship share it on the web.

Of course, German police does what it can do, BUT: Facebook is not exactly helping. Facebook of course never responds to letters, not surprising, but an even bigger problem is: to LOG OUT of Facebook.

On its own community, Facebook mentions a 'hard logout' solution (to log out on all devices at ounce) by going to 'Settings, Security..'- but this does not work.

Try to browse Facebook with a DIFFERENT browser than Chrome, Firefox or IE/Edge. You will get a message this is a not supported browser, and Facebook will ask you to go to one of the three! 'For better experience', which is total bullshit and of course means 'for total control'.


This leaves one here: being on a NON Facebook top 3 browser, one CANNOT LOGOUT of Facebook anymore!

Try to go log out with your mouse, by going to 'Settings, security...' - impossible: the MOUSE IS BEING DISABLED as soon as you go to that place.

So you CANNOT logout of Facebook anymore.

This is a problem for many children, as they have logged in into their Facebook accounts on many devices and PC's of others. They never clicked ''save my defaults' but the browsers INCLUDING and cooperating with Facebook DID. So if you, as girl, once has been in South America and are back in Germany now, the device user in South America, where you once logged in, can always log into YOUR Facebook account and post things under your name - which is a terrible nightmare for those girls haunted with their own nude pictures.

I found 1 solution, WORKING SO FAR, and that is downloading 'private browser' Epic. The advert themselves as being private, and until now: it works.

OF COURSE when downloading something: NEVER download it through Facebook or Google account - why should you? Always use a 'alternative' download, even with softonic.

NEVER trust 'safer pass' as we know from other German documentaries, 'safe pass' does the contrary of what you expect: it totally shares all your data, for BIG MONEY.

So my answer would be: download 'Epic Browser', alternative download, login in into Facebook there, and log out from Facebook there again.

THAT should you log out of Facebook on all devices in the world.

What a terrible company this Facebook is, and certainly this guy Mark Zuckerberg is. I use my freedom of speech in order to warn menkind about the tricks and dirtyness of Facebook and certainly its founder Mark Zuckerberg. This guy is develish, I see no action for the 'good of the world' in any of his actions. Unlike google, that clearly also has projects to benefit menkind in general.

Beware for Facebook, share private things elsewhere, use a private browser like Epic, always log out, and share things through your own cloud - much safer than using facebook's cloud! Facebook's only goal is, in my view: TOTAL CONTROL for MAXIMUM MONEY.

Have a nice, logged-out evening with Epic Browser>

JP Blankert 6 April 2017 

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15 minuten uitleg van mij, 'Nomaster Philippe', hoe in Fritz een schaakpartij te analyseren, zelf commentaar toe te voegen en hier een aparte .pgn van te maken.

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Heerlijke ochtendgeluiden vanmorgen 10.25 uur 10 maart 2017

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NEDERLAND IS TOTAAL CORRUPT EN NA 15 MAART 2017 ALLES WEER puinhopen van Asscher, Schippers en Ciran!

De puinhopen van Asscher Hier een puinhoop van Assscher, arbeidsgerelateerde zorg, goed gedocumenteerd door Zembla: op 1 maart 2017 (Ciran, beter worden van ziek zijn, Zembla).

Maar ja, 15 maart zijn er verkiezingen, 'nieuwe ronde nieuwe kansen' en iedereen is kwijt wat Asscher als Min SZW en Schippers als Min VG toelieten! /?type=3&notif_t=like&notif_id=1488583086890051

Philippe Blankert 3 maart 2017

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Gelukkig zijn er meer filmapps dan Netflix, waar je voor een vast bedrag per maand onbeperkt mag kijken! Zeker voor liefhebbers van independent films / filmhuisfilms moet dit een grote opluchting betekenen - zie overzicht:

(vanmiddag zelf gemaakt, 'betere film' is een hobby van mij)
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