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Hi Rachel and Creative Kids!
Can you invite me as +Vivian Kirkfield I am trying to use my profile instead of my Positive Parental Participation page.:)
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No problem +Positive Parental Participation  -- Look for your invite!
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+Susan Case and +Vivian Kirkfield will be sharing a #Halloween    #Book   and #Craft  in our Thursday, October 11 #googleplus   #hangout  at 3:30pm CST here at +Positive Parental Participation   #parenting   #activitiesforkids   #preschoolers   #kidlit  
Building Literacy and Self-Esteem One Picture Book at a Time
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Of course, we'll be looking in the comment section for anyone who wants to join in the discussion.  It's going to be great fun!
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Have you heard the expression...Less is More?  I'm going to be phasing out my +Positive Parental Participation page and will be using +Vivian Kirkfield instead...I hope everyone will join me there.  On Thursday at 3:30pm CST, I'll be hanging out with parenting expert +Susan Case as part of 'The parents that make Halloween happen'...great fun for parents and kids!
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Me too...I just did a blog post on it. :)
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Thank you, Susan...I wish I could keep everything straight, so I would come to check here more often. :)
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Building Literacy and Self-Esteem One Picture Book at a Time
Our goal is to empower parents and teachers while uplifting young children.  With hands-on workshops for parents and teachers, school and library programs for children and the Show Me How book, we offer a fresh approach to helping young children build self-esteem, develop better reading readiness skills and deal with the challenges they face.  Using the messages in picture books and various crafting and cooking activities, parents gain a newfound sense of confidence in their own parenting skills.  Some of our presentations include:
  • Building Literacy and Self-Esteem...One Picture Book at a Time.
  • We All Need a Cheering Committee...and Parents are a Child's Most Important Fans!
  • Fun-for-All...Not Free-for-All!
  • No Rules...Just Read!
  • Show-Me-How with Miss Vivian Reading and Crafting Programs for Schools and Libraries
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