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The commitment to improve and your life must be renewed each day with a big breath and a leap.

True success is being connected, loving, giving, peaceful, passionate, healthy, playful and fierce.

I wish for all of you those still quiet moments when you know all is well. Peace and mindfulness is the best success I can think of.

As an actor you want your audience to feel as if they are witnessing something. Not being performed to.

Invention before imitation or appeasement. Sign your work!

Remember majority of joy comes from the ability to recognize the simple pleasures day to day. Not from chasing a future spectacular moment.

Today I will embrace uncertainty. Through that letting go process, I will find solutions, peace, humanity and wisdom. #Thankyou

Failure is make believe in your own mind. To soften its grip on you ask one simple question, "What can I learn from this?"

When the negative voice in your head brings you down, respond by doing something heathy and loving for yourself. It hates that. #keepcalm

Good things come to those who have little patience for their own bullshit.
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