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Maliha Rao
Red Alice is random. Creative Consultant / Photographer / Lifestyle Blogger
Red Alice is random. Creative Consultant / Photographer / Lifestyle Blogger

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Japanese Food Festival at Avari Towers Karachi
Japanese cuisine is perhaps one of the most culturally profound in the world. It is diverse, rich in history and follows a strict discipline in terms of techniques, flavors as well as presentation that outshines. I am crazy about Japan; the culture, the foo...

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THE BALM Nude 'tude Eyeshadow Palette Review
One of the eye shadow palettes that helped me get through my sister's wedding recently was this deliciously wonderful Nude 'tude palette by The Balm Cosmetics . When I first got it I was not too sure about it but the more I use it, the more I am getting att...

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Antonym Baked Foundation and Kabuki Brush - Buttery Smooth
When I first noticed Antonym Cosmetics at one of the Scentsation outlets I was very curious but also hesitant because of the price tag. That held me back for a bit but then I got a chance recently to review it through the brand, Yaay! Antonym Cosmetics was ...

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Mercury Rising - What's in your Beauty Product
Every day a new beauty product pops up and makes us curious, but what we fail to do is to get over the hype and actually know about the products we are using. The everlasting lust for fair skin has blinded many of us in this regards on multiple occasions an...

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Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty Intense for Women
I feel just a little bit embarrassed confessing that I fell in love with Gucci Guilty when I saw Jared Leto in the ad campaign. However, the love became intense after I actually sniffed the scent later on. I was obsessing over the fragrance so much that my ...

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My SHoe Haul from ALMAS PK
I am not happy about the fact that ALMAS  is only available in Lahore, as a Karachiite I feel deprived of all the delicious yet reasonable stuff they have. Boohoo, we want you here too Almas, please! During my last trip to Lahore a couple of months ago I ma...

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Danish Food Festival at Avari Towers
We all love Danish butter cookies, at least one childhood memory is attached to it. Now we get a chance to taste more than just cookies from Denmark. From the land known for Fairy tales there is a lot of food dating back to the Vikings as well as the rather...

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Wudhu Friendly Maya Nail Polish - Halal and Hot
There is nothing better than a good manicure and pretty nails to save the day other than, of course, lipstick. In fear of getting yellow or damaged nails a lot of women opt for good quality, breathable nail polishes. Water permeable nail polishes are still ...

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It took me a long time to get my hands on this palette because it was always sold out. After finally getting it I used to just stare at it, it is so beautiful. Owning Makeup Geek eye shadows was always on my makeup bucket list so when one of my favorite Vlo...

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IL POSTO - Authentic Italian Food Experience in Karachi
There are times I wish I could pause everything and run off to Tuscany for a couple of weeks. I know that is not happening anytime soon, sigh, so for now I settled for an invitation to this new, authentic Italian restaurant, IL POSTO . If you think that Ita...
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