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How does your emotional perspective really reflect your personality?
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It's interesting how they have flagged and had every negative review deleted. I couldn't find an appeals process to have my review shown, so here it is again. "Awful customer service! Rude and insulting. Use your time with someone who cares whether you spend money with them or not. For a company that has 'honor' in their name, they sure don't have any. If you're looking to support a local carpet cleaning company, I would not suggest this one. Honor needs to learn some basic people skills if they want to stay competitive." To be more detailed, the person who I spoke on the phone with was extremely rude and blatantly refused to quote me a price. I dunno, to me, if I want dirt, sand, and dust out of my carpet it doesn't mean I want every spot taken care of. It doesn't mean I want high traffic areas erased. It means I want a basic cleaning, and trying to force me to do anything else is not what I am interested in. I have allergies and I like to do routine cleanings to keep them from getting irritated. I'm not interested in anything with carpet other than managing my allergies. If you want a company that will do all of the works and nothing short of that- this is for you. For those of us looking for something more basic, prepare to be antagonized if you call this company. They were utterly, completely unprofessional in the manner they spoke to me. I simply wanted to be quoted a price for a steam cleaning for 3 rooms- no add ons. The man on the phone then proceeded to get upset and rude. Rude enough to the point almost a year later and I can vividly remember my negative interaction with this man. He was insulting and if he wants to run a business, he needs to put some focus on their customer service.
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