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Mariah Hamby
I live daily loving my family and friends and focusing on being a wife.. a nurse... and a future mother
I live daily loving my family and friends and focusing on being a wife.. a nurse... and a future mother

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An emotional morning... Christmas EVE
Well.. I was having an emotional morning and my heart was begging to spill on my blog. It's been a while since I have posted, I CANNOT believe I let myself go this long without a single post, boy have we been busy! I am sitting here at 6:30 AM on Christmas ...

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Damages of being a NICU nurse before being a mother
Now, I must start by saying... I know every new mother has fears... fears that their baby could stop breathing or fears that something is wrong. And yes, I have these... though I try to put SIDS in the back of my mind and so what I can to prevent it and pra...

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Being Optimistic
Well, because I can change my flights for no charge(thanks to a friend of a friend)... I went ahead and booked our flights to come home, being optimistic and hoping KY releases us tomorrow. Our flights are booked and we are scheduled to land on KY soil in P...

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We are FAMILY!
So, I thought I would post some fun moments since literally every post has been a tear jerker for me! I do not think I made it through a single post without crying.. and I do not mean just teary eyed, I mean crying.. sometimes HARD! Marrying Cory, finding C...

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He is ours!
We found out that our birth mom after multiple decisions decided to adopt her baby out. She saw a logo for A Guardian Angel on Facebook... clicked on it.. and that is what brought her here. I think that God always knew this baby was meant for us. I think he...

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Mr. Carter's First bath
S Silly me decided to open my mouth and tell them I was a NICU nurse, so they let me do the bath. Which would have been awesome but they don't do them under the warmers... and he has a TON of hair and was very "cheesy" so it was going to take alot of work. ...

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The Birth of our Son
The night before delivery was the longest night of my life... We had a wonderful dinner with the birth mother and originally we were 99.9% sure that we would for sure bring Carter home. After meeting her, it made us nervous. She was so sweet, so motherly, s...

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Putting together special gifts
We wanted to take gifts to give our birth mother and her kiddos. So we decided to make a "relaxing bag." She has had to make multiple difficult decisions and I know this had to of been a very long 9 months, so I found this cute monogrammed bag and stuffed i...

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One Day... Can words explain emotions?
At 0545 in the morning we will be boarding the plane.... then a day later we meet the birth mom for dinner... then a day from that she will be induced, at 0630 Monday morning. "How are you feeling?" That is the question I have been asked and I am asking mys...

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ABC... Its as easy as 123
This Pinterest inspired project turned out WAYYYY better than I ever imagined! I have tried to find creative and unique ways to decorate Carter's room and I discovered the alphabet wall on pinterest. The pictures do not give this wall justice... and I canno...
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