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On February 28th 2015, Poet and Actor Caneil Chill Oliver gave birth to his newest album "Street Gospel". I made the trip up north from Houston to visit this Entertainer in his home town of Aurora, Illinois and watched him "represent for the Kingdom". Only his closest friends, family and supporters were invited to the delivery and by the end of the night it was standing room only. In this Exclusive Interview with The INDIEgator Magazine, Chill opens up about how he felt everything went and if he accomplished everything he aimed for with the event. We'll also learn about some of the people who helped make it possible and what the future has in store for this anointed being. Stay tuned to the end for a few pictures we snapped at the show. For a full Review and the Transcript from this interview, visit

This episode was Filmed, Directed, Edited and Produced by Kitty Y. Williams.

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One of the most Profoundly Powerful Voices I have ever come across on YouTube is that of amazing female Vocalist Amanda Cole. Her “Pretty Hurts” (Beyonce) cover came onto my radar and immediately I found myself rushing to find more of her videos. I soon discovered that Cole is certainly No Amateur. Her Professionalism is very evident while watching her work and hit every intended note with pure precision. Her skill is so good that she was even selected and performed as a member of the R&B super group En Vogue for a few years. This is a Gifted Queen. Read with us and find out how she went from avoiding her unique talent as a youth, to absolutely loving it as an adult and the power she now has to influence other young Artists to be better than the mold created for them. Learn how Amanda has turned both the positive and negative experiences she’s had on her musical journey into motivation and fuel to be the best at what she does. The beautiful star also shares the importance of having the right support system around you and how not to become a gimmick just for that big paycheck. Want to know what she does in her spare time? Well, we were totally shocked and tickled by what she said. All the good stuff is below. Enjoy!

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HANGIN' WITH MR. CAP (Interview Part 2 of 2). In this segment of Mr. CAP's interview with The INDIEgator Magazine, we decided to get out of the heat and have a seat inside at World of Beer over in First Colony Mall in the Sugar Land suburb of Houston, TX. He announces his upcoming album release, what inspired it and some of the collaborating Stars and Producers on this project. Mr. CAP then shares with us his passion for public speaking to kids in school and some of his favorite charities. We learn how hard times in the past have kept him humble to this day. Like this interview? Read and watch more at 

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@MENTIONS: OG Ron C, 93.7, Chopstars, Social Good IN Action (S.G.I.A.), Martesha Haynes, K-Rino, SPC, SUC, Lil Kano, Wreckless Klan, An'One, OG Point Blank, Billy Cook, Fender Music Foundation, Mr. CAP, Kitty Y. Williams.

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HANGIN' WITH MR. CAP (Interview Part 1 of 2). In this February interview with The INDIEgator Magazine, Mr. CAP of Houston's legendary South Park Coalition shares with us his roots in music, who he is as an Artist today and some observations he's gained about the music scene around the world during his travels and performances. He also shares a funny story at the end. Host Kitty Y. Williams asks the deep questions and chimes in at the end with her hopes for the Houston urban music scene in the future.

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Bath and Body Works "Moonlight Path" Review
K-Y Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant Mini-Review. 
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Editor-in-Chief for The INDIEgator Magazine (Houston, TX) and the Host of Kitty Williams LIVE, does a fun Valentines Day review of a gift received from her special guy. In this "Kitty's Witty Reviews" segment, Ms. Williams jokes about needing Margaritas, she goes completely NUTS over "Moonlight Path" and then briefly mentions her encounter with a unique lubricant for adults. Enjoy! Want more of these segments? Visit and let us know. See below for the products featured in this video.


1:43 The "Moonlight Path" collection
Available from Bath and Body Works, Amazon, etc...

4:24 K-Y Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant
Available at Walmart, Walgreens, etc...
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