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Meijin Ryudrakan
Attends Savannah Technical College
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I can't believe it. I'm finally starting to agree with Glenn Beck...
#libertarian   #bordercrisis  
Glenn Beck said bringing soccer balls, teddy bears, and hot meals to illegal immigrants who have been detained along the U.S.-Mexico border will be the most right thing he has ever done.
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Meijin Ryudrakan

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I agree.

Robotic mobility is a moral imperative; people die all the time from some idiot driving when it could easily be prevented through the use of AI & programming.
So tweeted tech venture capitalist Marc Andreessen after the crash that injured and killed comedians traveling on a New Jersey highway with Saturday Night
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Meijin Ryudrakan

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Continuing the flight into insanity...
Flying to the US is becoming more inconvenient as TSA bans uncharged devices from flights
If you forgot to charge your phone before leaving for a US-bound flight, you may just find your device confiscated by security from now onwards. The US Transportation Security Administration ...
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Meijin Ryudrakan

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Leftists claim regulation helps relieve unfairness and poverty. But Hong Kong prospered with almost NO regulation. Property rights and limited government are all you need for prosperity. “The Good NEW Days” re-airs tonight at 10PM on Fox News.
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Meijin Ryudrakan

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Responses to the last week's Supreme Court rulings show that progressives care about neither individuals nor liberty.
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Meijin Ryudrakan

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When an ISP slows bandwidth and speeds down intentionally, this is what should be done and not use the government to create regulations that even if only inadvertently only serve to secure the seat of the big corps by increasing the barrier of entry for the small guys.
Google began naming and shaming internet service providers when it expanded its 'Video Quality Report' beyond Canada in May, and now it is taking things further after links to the ...
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Meijin Ryudrakan

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Quite true.
Here's a personal story for you guys? Ready?

I wanted an AR-15 since I was 17. I did not grow up in a "gun family", had zero exposure outside like 2 trips to the range. I just thought it would be a fun hobby. nothing more

I always put off buying one, because i never thought it was important enough to spend that much money when i could buy one later in life

Then I woke up and learned about people like her.
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Meijin Ryudrakan

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So much this.
I can honestly say that 99.99% of the people who argue with me are economic illiterates.
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Tech Student
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Savannah, GA
Kingman, AZ - Metro-Atlanta, GA
Contributor to
Christian, Computer Geek, Autarchism, Panarchism, Voluntaryism, Agorism, Transhumanism, Technophile,
I'm big, I'm bad, and I conquered the universe and everyone in their right mind knows it.

I am a Christian that also happens to be a Transhumanist & Technophile, that happens to support Voluntaryism, Agorism, & Autarchism

I am self-admittedly patriotic to a fault: though I support those in the military (to a reasonable fault, nothing more), I support neither nation-building nor letting our troops just die to save civilians; I do support using tactics that result in the fewest possible losses on our own side while winning a war (AKA I support the logical endpoint to Sun Tzu's Art of War).

Other information -

Favorite interests and/or hobbies include but not limited to writing, reading, bicycling, video games, anime, technology (as I said above), computers (of course, once again...), photography, swimming, and fishing.

Some of my favorite video games in general or the games I'm generally interested in include Resident Evil, Ace Combat, Metal Gear Solid, Demon's Souls, Red Dead Redemption, Shin Megami Tensei, Sleeping Dogs, The Elder Scrolls, Tekken, Grand Theft Auto, Prototype, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, XCom: Enemy Unknown, X-Plane, etc.

Computer Specs -

OS: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
CPU: Intel Core i7-950 3.06GHz
RAM: 3x4GB Patriot Viper II Sector 7 Edition DDR3-1333
GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX580 3GB
Sound: Integrated
HDD: 500GB WD RE4 7200RPM, 1x2x1TB Samsung F3 7200RPM, 1x2TB WD Caviar 5400RPM
Opt: Pioneer Blu-Ray Burner BDR-2205
Casing: NZXT Phantom
Keyboard: Razer Lycosa Mirror Edition
Mouse: Cyborg RAT7 Infection
Headset: iMicro IM320
HS/F: Cooler Master V8
Bragging rights
Conquering the universe in a millisecond.
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December 7
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Emperor Dragon, Vincent Fincher, Ultra Cymech
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I've never done a review before, but I really feel like I need to here. I've been looking for a sports card appraisal for quite some time now, because I wanted to know the value, or at least a ballpark figure, of the stuff I've had collected during my childhood. I wasn't expecting to sell anything, at least not immediately; after all, an appraisal process is exactly that - getting something appraised to know what to sell it for without getting ripped off because you don't know its actual value. Well, I made a few calls to some of the places I know that tend to handle similar stuff. That's how I found Cobb's Galleries. Today, I walked in. I ask for an appraisal, first thing he tells me is he won't accept anything "new", which I figured would be stuff within the last ten years - which I can respect y'know. These cards I've had for much longer; most of them I've had for 15 years at least. I take some out (I have a whole backpack full of sports cards), and he starts sounding dismissive, telling me they're "not old enough" for him (I have 3 autographed balls that I've always been fairly sure were real, he called them "fakes"/"copies"). He was rather condescending, and like I said - dismissive. All I wanted was an appraisal, that's it. I ain't going back there again, that's for sure.
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