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Yvonne Ng
Together, we can give the gift of STEM to all children for a better future.
Together, we can give the gift of STEM to all children for a better future.

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Logarithms: The #STEM Story Behind Human Calculators
This is actually from the Historical Interlude for the 4th lesson of LASER Classroom 's  Bringing STEM to Light . However, with the recent Hidden Figures  ( #HiddenFigures) movie, it seemed that this interlude seemed timely for math teachers who might want ...

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#STEM and History: Safety and Engineering
A few years back, I wrote a short book of LASER lessons for LASER Classroom called Bringing STEM to Light . It was a more STEMy way of approaching how laser technology is taught in technician classes, and the parts I loved the most were the Historical Inter...

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I Love Quotes
When I was in college, I collected quotations. They spoke wise whispers to me in my times of frustration and loss of direction. But they also made me laugh my pants off when a good email was circulated around the net. more at

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STEM toys, books for toddlers, preschool
My apologies for the lack of posts. It's been busy here, though I do hope to get some STEM historical posts out soon (work that I did with Laser Classroom). Engineer's Playground has been working with some friends in Indianapolis as they start on the nuts a...

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Engineer's Playground partners with Mindware to create Start-Up Circuits, an #engineering  toy for your #toddler  and #preschooler   (and they might learn about circuits, too!)

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Switches On! Using Start-Up Circuits for #STEM Learning
"There must be an easier way," I thought to myself as I held my 1-year old to the light switch. He had just figured out how to turn lights on and off and needed to make sure it always worked. Children learn through play As a STEM educator, I figured I bette...

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Teaching #STEM With Yvonne: #Engineers' Birthdays
When I was young, some of my teachers had "special calendars" - birthdays of writers, scientists, events that related to what they were teaching. I loved this. For the people I knew about, I felt more enlightened by learning the time period they lived becau...

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#STEAM: #STEM + the Arts, recent lessons
Blogging at Engineer's Playground
is moving into summer mode, and will be a bit infrequent. However, we thought this recent post at COMPAS would be of interest to some of you. COMPAS received a recent grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board and brought En...

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#STEM Starts at Home: Spoon aka Tools and More
What to do  Give your little one a baby spoon. It can be plastic, metal with smooth edges, or that fancy rubber-metal combo. It should be big enough so your tyke can’t shove it too far into his or her mouth (and choke) if very young. Be prepared for banging...

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#STEM Starts at Home: The Many Faces of Qwirkle
Qwirkle , made by Mindware , is like Scrabble with pictures. You build off the patterns of others, matching color or shape, and sometimes you get a complete set in the same line, called a "Qwirkle". Searching for purple (image by Y. Ng) It's a very challeng...
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