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Some portability testing against IBM Java SE 6 and 7 and Oracle early-access JDK 8

Some issues arising from testing existing code against the IBM Java SE 6 and 7 on Linux and Oracle's early-access JDK for Java SE 8 (build b99) on Windows 7 and Linux.

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Adjusting JDK7-generated Javadoc to display in Eclipse 3.7.x

#Eclipse versions prior to 4.3 M4 can't read #Javadoc generated by #JDK7 as per

The #ObMimic Javadoc from ObMimic 1.0-beta-9 onwards has been adjusted to work-around this. See for full explanation and details of the work-around.
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Future ObMimic compatibility with Java SE 5 states that the javac compiler's support for a "source" or "target" of 1.5 will be deprecated in JDK 8 and removed in JDK 9.

At present ObMimic is compiled with source and target 1.5, and both the source code and the resulting jar are thus compatible with Java SE 5 and higher.

Current intention is to continue this even once JDK 8 is released and used by us internally. But once JDK 8 is well established we might look at changing source and target to 1.6, such that new ObMimic releases will then require Java SE 6 or higher.

Anyone still running on Java SE 5 by the time this happens will presumably have much bigger problems to worry about...
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JDK 7u25 Fixes and Javadoc Updater Tool

Oracle's release of #Java SE 7 update 25 includes a fix for a vulnerability in some Javadoc pages, CVE-2013-1571, with recommendation that any hosted Javadoc should be regenerated using the new JDK release.

That's easy to say but not necessarily trivial for live websites that include Javadoc - depending on build/release processes, timing of the JDK update etc.

So as an alternative Oracle have also provided a tool for in-place updating of Javadoc files to fix the vulnerability, which is available from

Here's my own experience with running this "updater" tool against the Javadoc of my ObMimic product (website

a). The tool's README examples incorrectly show command lines for invoking JavadocPatchTool.jar - it's actually JavadocUpdaterTool.jar.

b). For the ObMimic Javadoc, the only file shown as needing the fix was the root "index.html" file.

c). Running the tool to fix that file saved a backup of the original in the same directory, which shouldn't really be left sitting there within the real Javadoc;

d). The only actual change was insertion of a single chunk of code at one point, the content of which doesn't appear to be system or location dependent;

e). So having tested this on development/pre-production systems I've implemented it on the live system by just manually inserting the new code into the page (this seemed simpler/safer than installing and running the tool on the live system).

I'll be doing a proper rebuild of the Javadoc on the updated JDK shortly, but for now this has hopefully provided a quick fix.

Your mileage may vary, of course.

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I've registered to attend the London Java Community event "A Tourist's Guide to Clojure for Java Programmers" (link attached), just out of interest.

It seems ages since I've had time to look into new stuff just for the sake of it, so being able to now fit in going to such events - and hopefully some more serious reading and experiments - is quite exciting!
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There is now a separate Google+ Page for my company, OpenBrace Limited, at
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