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Guess how long it takes for #BT to respond to a written complaint? #fail
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Not even close. It took them 10 days to acknowledge my complaint, but only to be advised "50 day lead time for Complaints to be assigned to advisors" Have they not heard of customer service! #BT #FAIL
Wow. That's actually ridicolous!!
Why would anyone want to use #BT if that's how the treat customers. 
Daryl I have found posting a message on Twitter to @BTCare can have really positive results. They usually respond in a couple of hours, and deal with matters in a helpful intelligent way.
I've heard the same, am sure Daryl is onto it (having seen his tweets about BT in the last hour!! )
Thanks Michael - about to retweet by posts!
Done - lets see, but I am not going to hold my breath
As Michael says @BTcare or @btbusiness are best. Sophie on their social media team is fantastic. Normally they'll pick it up with 48 hrs.
Thanks - I will retweet to BT business. BTcare is now following me. 
Had a response from @btcare. They have offered to look at the complaint straight away. I'll keep you posted. 
Guess what - still waiting #BT #fail. @btbusiness
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