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"Lawyers are the footsoldiers of the constitution." -Rennard Strickland, Frank T. Read

You may hear that your case is "on the docket," meaning that it is scheduled for some type of hearing.

"Everyone wants to say they hate lawyers, and yet I've never met a parent who didn't want their kid to be a lawyer." - Jessi Klein

Many scientific, medical and legal terms use Latin because it’s the language of an educational system not open to everyone.

An arraignment is the court hearing at which someone accused with a crime is read the charges against him and enters a plea.

49% of lawyers operated in a solo private practice

Lawyers advise and represent individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes.

Many attorneys lend their services at no charge, which is known as pro bono work.

More than 70% of lawyers polled by the American Bar Association say they provide pro bono work.

Attorneys can not guarantee any results. We can be sanctioned for doing that.
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