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Victor Costan
Coding Maniac, PhD student in Computer Science at MIT
Coding Maniac, PhD student in Computer Science at MIT

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I read some of the 4th edition of "Readings in Database Systems" while taking MIT's databases course (6.830). Glad that the 5th edition is conveniently available for free online!

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TIL: Google open-sourced a source code indexer (similar to Google Code / Chromium's awesome code search)

Note for self -- Chromium stack trace for handling a mouse event on Windows.

wWinMain (chrome/app/
-> MainDllLoader::Launch
-> ChromeMain (chrome/app/
-> content::ContentMain
-> content::ContentMainRunnerImpl::Run
-> content::RunNamedProcessTypeMain
-> content::BrowserMain (content/browser/
-> content::BrowserMainRunnerImpl::Run
-> content::BrowserMainLoop::RunMainMessageLoopParts
-> ChromeBrowserMainParts::MainMessageLoopRun
-> base::RunLoop::Run
-> base::MessageLoop::RunHandler
-> base::MessagePumpWin::Run
-> base::MessagePumpForUI::DoRunLoop (base/message_loop/
-> base::MessagePumpForUI::ProcessNextWindowsMessage
-> base::MessagePumpForUI::ProcessMessageHelper
-> DispatchMessageW (windows code)
-> base::win::WrappedWindowProc<&gfx::WindowImpl::WndProc> (base/win/wrapped_window_proc.h)
-> gfx::WindowImpl::WndProc (ui/gfx/win/
-> HWNDMessageHandler::OnWndProc
-> HWNDMessageHandler::_ProcessWindowMessage (ui/views/win/hwnd_message_handler.h) (see BEGIN_SAFE_MSG_MAP_EX)
-> HWNDMessageHandler::OnMouseRange
-> HWNDMessageHandler::HandleMouseEventInternal
-> DesktopWindowTreeHostWin::HandleMouseEvent
-> ui::EventSource::SendEventToProcessor
-> ui::EventSource::DeliverEventToProcessor
-> ui::EventProcessor::OnEventFromSource (ui/events/
-> ui::EventDispatcherDelegate::DispatchEvent
-> ui::EventDispatcherDelegate::DispatchEventToTarget
-> ui::EventDispatcher::ProcessEvent
-> ui::EventDispatcher::DispatchEvent
-> ui::EventHandler::OnEvent
-> DesktopNativeWidgetAura::OnMouseEvent

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Pure-JavaScript library for working with .zip archives.

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Pretty solid tool for reverse-engineering Android APKs. The coverage is worse than ByteCodeViewer (the output misses classes), but the output source code is significantly more legible. I found it super-useful for reverse-engineering my scale's communication protocol.

Minor nag: uses BlockAdblock. Given that you'd use the tool one time per project, it seems reasonable to open up an incognito window and disable the ad blocker for the site or for the duration of the session.

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Great tool with many options for reverse-engineering APKs. I found it super-useful for reverse-engineering my scale's communication protocol.

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