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Ree Klein
Creator of, and #Entrepreneur, writer and Speaker
Creator of, and #Entrepreneur, writer and Speaker

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If you're struggling with how to remove beer belly fat, here are 5 proven techniques to get the job done. Try one or all 5 to get the fastest results. (Guest Post by:

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Here's the first in our new line of Funny Entrepreneur Quotes T-shirts. Get yours today before the price goes up!

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International trade has opened up a world of opportunity. But as incredible as global sourcing can be, mastering international freight can be a headache. Learn how +Freightos can make overseas shipping a breeze!
#privatelabel #importing #entrepreneur

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For those interested in creating a brand and private labeling, I've got news for you...your product doesn't have to be physical. In fact, digital products are a private label option.

In this interview you'll meet Ross Lukeman, the creator of the Cargo Van Conversion Course and the popular blog Alternative Homes Today. You might be interested in this interview if:

- You want to learn about building digital products as an option to private labeling physical products.

- Unconventional home types appeal to you.

- You’re curious what it's like to be a mobile entrepreneur—sometimes called a digital nomad!

- You are interested in hearing a real account of someone's journey to success (that isn't all fluff about how easy and fast it is)

#DigitalProducts #VanConversions #DigitalNomad #PrivateLabel #Entrepreneur

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Crank your beer-drinking up a few decibels with some flavor additives! This a great guest post by our friends over at

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If you sell on Amazon (or anywhere online, really), trademarking your brand is critical to retaining control over your business. This interview is nearly an hour long, but it’s packed full of trademark advice for Amazon sellers.

Having problems with other sellers hijacking your listings?
…This video is for you.

Want more control over your brand? …This video is for you.

Think you’ll ever want to sell your business?
…Then this video is for you!

Hi, I’m Ree Klein, a private labeler and blogger at In this episode of the Entrepreneur Unveiled series I interview Suzi Hixon, The Private Label Lawyer.

She’s both a private labeler who sells on Amazon AND a trademark attorney who specializes in trademark advice for Amazon sellers. Her advice is invaluable!

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I participate in various groups and many of the sellers in these groups sell on Amazon. The subject of getting your listing "hijacked" comes up fairly regularly.

In this post, I describe the four types of hijackers that could show up, how you can identify them and, most importantly, what you can do to prevent and fight them.

#privatelabel #AmazonFBA #entrepreneur

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