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Welcome to our new Google+ page. We'll be posting publishing news, writing tools and resources here. Start with our Writers on Google+ directory...
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Thanks. Looking forward to good info. I like your twitter feed.
+GalleyCat YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (Can you tell I'm a GalleyCat fangirl? :-)
Great -- that'd be cool if you could create a shared circle of the authors in this link.
Well, since your last (and only) public post was November 7 of last year, I guess it was too optimistic to say that you'll be posting publishing news here. Too bad. Was hoping to get my GalleyCat news here.
I think you can make a circle with all those people and share the circle.
Love this and sharing of course. Thanks Galley Cat!
This is good news. I also love meeting new writers. I am not really a writer, but I do like to blog. I really enjoy reading and writing, so I am excited about this. Annie |
I am not a "writer" by trade either, but I find that writing skills are extremely important to communicate your business to others who may do business w/you!!! 
As an author I always enjoy getting the very latest insights into the publishing world in my inbox each day.  Love to share it as well.  Keep up the outstanding work, Galleycat!
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