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Welcome to our new Google+ page. We'll be posting publishing news, writing tools and resources here. Start with our Writers on Google+ directory...
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Thanks. Looking forward to good info. I like your twitter feed.
+GalleyCat YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (Can you tell I'm a GalleyCat fangirl? :-)
Great -- that'd be cool if you could create a shared circle of the authors in this link.
Well, since your last (and only) public post was November 7 of last year, I guess it was too optimistic to say that you'll be posting publishing news here. Too bad. Was hoping to get my GalleyCat news here.
Love this and sharing of course. Thanks Galley Cat!
This is good news. I also love meeting new writers. I am not really a writer, but I do like to blog. I really enjoy reading and writing, so I am excited about this. Annie |
I am not a "writer" by trade either, but I find that writing skills are extremely important to communicate your business to others who may do business w/you!!! 
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