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Cashmere scarf manufacturing process
Cashmere products have a unique style of warmth, comfort, softness, exquisiteness, and elegance, and are high-end products in textiles. At present, the traditional woolen cashmere products are still dominated on the market. These products can not meet the market diversification requirements in terms of performance, color variety, organizational structure, and personalization. In addition, the shortage of cashmere raw materials also limits the expansion and popularization of products, so the development and production of cashmere worsted products have attracted more and more attention. The cashmere worsted scarf is also called PASHMINA diamond ring scarf, which means that the scarf can be worn through the diamond ring, indicating that the scarf is light and soft. It is a new product that uses the ultra-fine characteristics of cashmere fiber, which is spun into pure velvet yarn of 16 67 hexes or less, or blended with other natural fibers(linen scarf, acrylic scarf, cotton scarf...) to more than 5 sexes. It is a new product that is woven, dyed and finished. It is cashmere. The best of the series. The development of worsted products is difficult, high-input, and risky. In the production, there are insufficient yarn strength, serious and dense files, and the technical difficulties of yarn shifting, coloring, uneven suede and easy pilling in dyeing and finishing.
After the China scarf supplier’s nearly 2 years of analysis, research, research and trial production, the above technical difficulties have been overcome, and the quality is stable and the process is mature after mass production.

1. Determination of the route
Process: warping → weaving → repair → inspection → 搓 → → dyeing → dehydration → shrinking → drying → ironing → steaming → inspection → finished product. In the process of formulating the process, the characteristics of the cashmere fiber and the style of the product were fully considered. After many trials and adjustments, a more mature process suitable for most products was formed. Individual products are subject to different requirements, for example, after dying, the ear is spiked and then knotted.

2. Weaving process
The strength of the worsted yarn is slightly worse, and the process adjustment of the equipment has strict requirements. In particular, the process parameters such as warping, let-off, coiling, beating, and machine-on, the general requirements are low tension, high back beam, and increased number of split rods to avoid yarn breakage and dense file. Weaving defects. The worsted yarn produced by the worsted yarn has a large hairiness during the spinning process, and the yarn is entangled and the opening is unclear during weaving. Therefore, it is generally necessary to add 5% to 10% of the cold slurry during the warping or to carry out the yarn. Singeing. The fabric structure generally adopts plain weave, 12 twills, and the like.

3. Dying process
Dyeing is a more important production process for worsted scarves. When the worsted scarf is dyed in the overflow cloth dyeing machine, it is easy to produce the quality problems of raising, pilling, and even felting, because the worsted yarn is operated under high temperature for a long time, in the dyeing auxiliary Under the action of the yarn, the yarn is untwisted, and the frequent friction between the fabric and the equipment will cause the fluffing, and the double yarn is the most outstanding. According to this situation, measures have been taken to reduce the dyeing temperature and shorten the dyeing time, which satisfies the requirements for color and fixation of the product.

4. Finishing process
(1) The worsted scarf after shrinking and dying has formed a certain suede in the dying process, especially the pure cashmere worsted scarf may not need to be fluffed at times, so the fluffing should be carried out according to the actual style of the dyed fabric. Blended worsted scarves are generally softly treated. The temperature control during processing is (40 ± 3) ° C, and HAc is adjusted to a pH of 5 to 6, fully operating evenly to prevent the appearance of soft silicone marks.
(2) Steamed worsted scarf is steamed and dyed twice before steaming. The worsted scarf has a thin tissue, and the yarn is easily displaced in the dyed rope processing, which affects the appearance quality of the finished product. Steaming before dying can effectively shape the yarn and prevent the yarn from being reduced and the pilling is reduced. After dyeing, adjust the tension of the cloth according to the length of the scarf, so as not to make the scarf stretch due to too much tension. When steaming, each scarf must be neatly arranged to avoid leakages, such as leakage, depth, and marks.

And if you are interested in printed scarf, please contact the printed scarf manufacturers.
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Printed scarf process
How do the colorful patterns make a difference in the scarf, I don’t think everyone is interested. The beauty of the pattern, the style of the flower pattern, whether it attracts the customer's eye, etc., all the printing is also a subject, as a very important process in the production of scarves.
Before printing, Te scarf manufacturers must first provide the pattern or sample plate. The pattern specified by the customer, they draw the line, is to depict the original pattern exactly. The flower pattern is made according to the proportional size, and the pattern is transferred to the nickel net by a special process so that the pattern of one color and one color is first made into a net.
The net tube is made of different colors according to different meshes, different colors and different processes. The color of the flower is printed on the fabric of the scarf. Generally, the SO sample is usually scraped first. According to the customer's needs, we design the pattern well. Then make a document and make him a template.
Before the production of large goods, the color is pulped into a barrel of color paste according to the original color, and the color fastness, clarity, and permeability are controlled proportionally. After the pulp is hit, it is connected to the net barrel, one color and one barrel of pulp, and the color is divided according to the pattern. The colors are arranged in order from deep to shallow, and the semi-finished products prepared in advance can be rotated in the net barrel.
The color paste is extruded into the fabric in each of the mesh cylinders, so that the flower pattern is printed on the scarf fabric, and the pressure is adjusted according to the penetration force, which is almost the same as the penetration on both sides, and the pattern should pay attention to the precision while the flower is being used. Such a color is accurate, the flower is accurate, and the pressure penetration is just right.
Even after printing, the pattern can be clear, the article is clear, the whole is clear, and the pattern is more stereoscopic so that a good scarf fabric printing process is basically established. The quality of the printing directly affects the cost, such as how much the flower is wasted when printing, whether the flower is really inaccurate, and the pressure penetration is insufficient to affect the efficiency and aesthetics of the printing, so the printing of a good pattern must be There are process requirements and operational procedures to make customers satisfied, but also to reduce their own costs, a good printed scarf can be displayed.
And if you are interested in printed scarf, please contact the printed scarf manufacturers.
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Scarf, woman's past lover
They all say that in a woman's closet, there is always one less piece of clothing. If you have several kinds of scarves of different styles, you can mix clothes with your own way, and transform thousands of shapes and styles.
Scarf, the lover of a woman's past life. The most important accessories in winter, not only share the warmth but also convey the love, it is soft, quietly put a warmth in the neck, blocking the cold wind.
It is rich, there are a thousand kinds of women in a thousand, and a thousand hearts have a thousand kinds of charm.
It is also passionate, a hand-painted scarf manufacturers, it is a feeling. Surround you and surround your heart.
The silky scarf is bright and light, telling the story of the past. The woolen scarf is thick and soft, and it evokes a heavy feeling. A solid color scarf, like a quiet cloud, is always easy to seduce people's minds. Romance and tranquility, freedom and free and easy, full of years of quiet literature. The scarves of flowers and bright colors, in the chill of the bleak, bring not only warmth but also enthusiasm for life and expectations for the future.
If you want to be a woman with a story, you want a pretty and uncommon, just right scarf. You can echo the bag, echo the shoes, and even become a highlight of the whole body so that you can add a "neck".
Whether you are ingenious or free and easy, the scarf can be played ever-changing. Traditionally around the neck, there are N kinds of enclosures, with different costumes. You can also lie on your shoulders and warm or sculpt in cold weather. Just a scarf, what really indulges is its tight hug, the love, and gentleness it conveys.
In the past, at school, weaving a scarf to my beloved boyfriend is a trend that many girls are catching up with. I received a scarf woven by a lover, walking on the campus of Qinglan, and the bottom of my heart is like a pool of water lilies.
A scarf manufacturers, thousands of stories, a fashion, all kinds of feelings.
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Sweater + scarf, perfect for winter!
Make a sense of hierarchy
Sweater shape is more interesting
Wearing a sweater in winter, the basic model is really good, but wearing it on your body always feels a little faint?
We say that winter is a good time to play and stack, and it is more interesting to mix and match. For the winter's most high-frequency use of the single-piece sweater, in fact, can also play this advanced fashion.
For example, if you add a shirt inside, would you make the original black look better?
However, it should be noted that stacking does not mean that you wear more than one taste. If you wear it to make you look bloated, the effect is counterproductive.
For the original element is rich, playing with the stack will make you look too much focus, such as this big sleeve is easy to pull down the height, then stacking will be bloated, then the simple match is better.
Some basic models, or sweaters that don’t have much of them, are smarter.
Collapsing of the neckline
The neckline of a sweater can be divided into a high collar, a V-neck, and a round neck. The following will teach you how to wear these layers of a neckline.
The V-neck sweater is very decorative, but it will feel a little cold in the neck and chest when it is worn in winter. The high-necked neck is not only warm but also versatile.
In addition to the high collar, the V-neck sweater can also be equipped with a round neck, which is more friendly to the short-necked star.
V-neck sweater with a lapel shirt is also a common matching routine, it seems more academic style.
And if you have a close-fitting turtleneck sweater, and the shirt can be played by putting the shirt outside the turtleneck sweater.
For the round neck sweater, the number of matching roads and the V-neck are basically the same, but the neckline is different, giving people a different feeling.
The round neck sweater with a high collar is more lively and lovely.
It can also be equipped with a small stand-up collar of this court style, with a sweet retro feel.
The addition of a shirt to reveal the small lapels is a popular match that has been popular in the past few years. It still seems to be fashionable.
Inadvertently revealing the hem
For a slightly loose version of the sweater, a long shirt inside, casually revealing the hem, you can wear a very casual fashion.
You don't have to be too particular. Now the hem is going to be a little longer to be more fashionable and elegant.
Big sweaters don't know how to match? With a long shirt, wearing knee-high boots, playing with the next to disappear, fashionable just right.
Compared with the slim short sweaters, they can be folded and worn to make a matching jacket. It will also be richer, and the shirts are rich in color and partial lighting is better.
With a scarf(such as chiffon scarf, polyester scarf, wool scarf manufacturers)
Wearing a sweater wants to create a rich layering, except for the previous one, a scarf can do it.
Surrounded by a scarf, it is simple and effective to break the monotony of the basic sweater.
The light color can be very gentle, and the bright color can be very bright and eye-catching.
A wide and large scarf is not only warm, but also very stylish.
A sweater needs to wear a variety of patterns, which can be done by changing the scarf.
This year's sweater is also very popular, wearing a basic sweater and then wearing a basic sweater, is a different kind of exquisite.
For more tips on wearing a scarf, please pay attention to the China scarf supplier.
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Scarf Saves Winter Style It is an important rule when the cold wave strikes
The cold wave is always too late to prevent it. If you are not careful, everyone will be wrapped in a coat and put on a pair of long trousers. The warmth is warm but the fashion sense is less. Don't panic, let the author tell you that a scarf can save your winter style! Recently, many stars have succinctly put on a scarf and a concave shape.
The author thinks that Winter Style is completely the showtime of the scarf. Zhou Dongyu's sister's plaid scarf is full of literary style, and He Sui's white knitwear has a fresh temperament. The winter warm and fashionable style is completely indispensable for a jacquard scarf!
The big shawl scarf is a net red item that must not be missed this winter. Guo Biting has approved a large shawl at the airport. It is warm and lazy, and people can't help but protect their desires!
I think that wearing a coat without a scarf in winter is actually a hooligan! The scarf is the highlight of the autumn and winter mix. It has a temperature and a richer look. In the winter when the coat was brushed, a scarf became an important magic weapon to open the gap with passers-by.
The classic wrap coat is lined with a striped collar, simple and eye-catching. The versatile black scarf makes the coat look more advanced. In short, in the winter when the cold wind is raging, there are empty coats, and it’s really a big loss without a scarf! The bold contrast effect is even better!
Like the Celine 2017, autumn and winter series launched several large shawls, warm and thick and stylish, oversize design can be used as a coat. In short, this year's shawl must be about IN, wrapped in the whole body, the weather is not afraid.
The printed scarf is completely raging! Many brands have joined the battle, from 18 spring to summer 18 early autumn are occupied by printed scarves. The fashion people on the fashion week have a style burst, don't buy a solid color scarf, and the printed scarf is the most IN choice.
Down jacket is a fashion disaster? Then you have to look at this scarf. Many fashionable people think that down jackets are not heavy and not easy to wear. It is often a fashion disaster to wear. In this year's fashion week, the street shooting, in addition to the highest rate of appearance is actually a down scarf! The influx took off the heavy down jacket and replaced it with a warm and edgy down scarf! Whether it is wrapped around the body, tied to the neck or casually placed on the shoulders, all take off stylishly! Not only that, it is as warm as a quilt.
You can buy scarves from the Te scarf suppliers.They have any scarves you want.
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