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Ray Looker
Apostle of Yahshua the Messiah, Professor of Theology, and Messianic Rabbi
Apostle of Yahshua the Messiah, Professor of Theology, and Messianic Rabbi

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I hate racism... I will never understand it.

I don't believe it is understandable.

It is born from a time of ignorance and cruelty. To judge another human being merrly on the amount of pigmentation in their skin is mind-numbingly ignorant.

Data shows that the DNA of any two human beings is 99.9 percent identical, and we all share the same set of genes, scientifically validating the existence of a single biological human race and one origin for all human beings. In short, we are all brothers and sisters.[1]
But the fact is there has always been racism and there always will be racism is a tenet of the darker side of human nature.

That doesn't mean we don't speak out against it, but sadly we have those who are playing victim to crimes committed to those dead and buried, perpetrated by those also dead and buried. The sins of the past are in the past and we can't do anything about it.
Hatred has been passed down generationally and so much of the time unjustly & spills out on the innocent.


From pre-kindergarten to graduate school, society must be relentless in our goal to eradicate the word as currently used: racism , the application of the word race, together with ethnocentrism.

Are there instances where black people are unjustly targeted?

Yes, of course there are.

Are they on par with the accusations from groups like Black Lives Matter?

No they are not.

Are there instant s where white people are unjustly targeted?

Yes, of course there are.

Are they on par with the accusations from groups like Aaron Nation?

No they are not.

And the same goes for Asians and Hispanics, Indians and Slavs, Jews and Arabs, Eskimos and Polynesians...

Racism is not inherited but a learned behavior.

Hatred breeds hatred and when we have people like Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton , Louis Farrakhan who make a living on racial unrest and tensions, then we are going to have a biased percentage of the population whose fears and hatred are born from the lies of profiteers​.

The same could be said sbout the white Democrats who organized the KKK... Skinheads and groups like The Aryan Nation are all founded on lies and misconceptions.

England enslaved hundreds of thousands of Irish, including women and children... Should I be bitter at the English for the sins against my ancestors?[2]

No, that would be ridiculous.

Ottoman penetration into Europe in the 1350s and their capture of Constantinople later in 1453 opened new floodgates for slave-trade from Europe.[3]

The cycle of man's inhumanity towards man has gone on for centuries ... practically to mankinds first organization of society.

Does mainstream media drive racial tension?

One of the biggest problems we have today is how the media portrays different events.

MSM sensationalizes the few bad apples in law enforcement who have no doubt murdered black citizens... But they neglect to report the same such crimes against whites leaving the general population with misconceptions about what is truly happening.

Unfortunately bad news sells weather it's legitimately characterized or not



White Slavery' in the ante-Bellum South and Civil War Era: A Little Known Phenomenon'
2011-12-29 18:00

White Irish Sugar Slaves On Barbados : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
texts All Texts latest This Just In Smithsonian Libraries FEDLINK (US) Genealogy Lincoln Collection Additional Collections

Daniel O'Connell upon American slavery : with other Irish testimonies. : O'Connell, Daniel, 1775-1847 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
American Libraries Canadian Libraries Universal Library Shareware CD-ROMs Community Texts Project Gutenberg Biodiversity Heritage Library

Islam's Eastern European Slave Trade By Muslim Turks ( Ottoman) And Arabs : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
The Ottoman penetration into Europe in the 1350s and their capture of Constantinople later in 1453 opened new floodgates for slave-trade from the European...

White slavery resources

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in his eloquent way with words, responds to the recent vote by the Supreme Court- It is right on target, as it pertains to the 2nd Amendment.

The Supreme Court rejected to hear the California gun case in a 7-2 vote with dissenting votes from Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch. The vote turned away to hear the ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Peruta vs San Diego case which ruled: The 2nd Amendment does not preserve or protect the right of a member of the general public to carry concealed firearms in public.

As noted, a case needs to be approved by at least four to be put on the Supreme Court's docket.

+Los Angeles Times
Staff @ 

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FB's obscene reasoning for allowing Holocaust denial may cater to the worst anti-Semites on social media. Does this stance really allow reasonable discourse to dispel fallacious lies....or just a stage for Jew haters to add more insult to injury?

Statement prefaced from the report: "FB will not block Holocaust denying content on its platform in countries where it remains legal saying it is merely the expression of an opinion."

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Question: The category relating to a "Christian view" probably includes Catholics who are not and never have been of the Christian religion. If so then this category is incorrect and sheds false blame on the Christian religion and all Christians. The Catholic religion is the 7th World Empire of Satan and the 3d Beast of Daniel, chapter 7. All statistics that include the Catholic religion in the category of the Christian religion are invalid and do not reflect the Christian religion.

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Please watch this teaching by RAMI DANIELI, awesome teacher, wonderful man of God. It supplements today's STUDY TOPIC, "INTEGRAL COMPONENTS OF GOD'S LOVE,"

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The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven Kept Secret
Last time we talked about the reasons why Yeshua had begun to teach in parables. Today, we're going to take that a little further and look at how the mysteries that He was going to teach had been kept secret from the foundation of the world. Matthew 13:34-3...

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Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, who was a key negotiator in the nuclear agreement, may have lost all shame. Zarif tries to revise and paint a 'rosy' picture of Jewish history in Iran. 

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