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"Time Code: 24 Hours In A Day" 

The "Wheel of 24"
if you only knew,
is a StarGate, the Key to all the Mysteries,
an ancient portal.
By inscripting our natural counting numbers into a circular system of 24,
the mysteries of Phi, Prime Numbers, Tesla's 3-6-9 code, etc
are all solved.
That is why our Ancestors divided the Day into 24 hours,
as it is the Key to accessing other Worlds.
There is a Higher Level to this Wheel,
and it is when we divided our Day not into 24 but into 27 hours,
("27" being the number that Pythagoras worshipped),
sounds strange, but NASA are already using it!

Jain 108

For more info, research Bruce Cathie, who cracked the Ley Lines of the Earth Grid.
For a deeper understanding of this Earth grid, see my 9 book series of books entitled "The Book Of Phi"

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Stairway to Heaven

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"24 Fibonacci Pattern in The Seed of Life"

My major discovery on the hidden infinitely repeating 24 pattern of the digitally reduced fibonacci sequence (whose sum is 108) was nobly referenced by Gary Meisner

Here is a creative adaptation that acknowledges my 24 pattern, but used artistically in The Seed of Life, (6 circles meeting at a common centre point), which creates The Fower of Life, where the thickness of the lines, shown in gold, are in the phi proportion as shown in the color coded section of the pink petal 12.

Artist unknown, but inspiration was sourced from my original discovery.
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"7 year old Eric, faster than a calculator"

Meet 7 year old Eric Borg-Olivier. He has been studying Vedic Maths and Sacred Geometry with Jain 108 for one year. Eric has become highly proficient at mental calculations.

Hang in for the second half of this 2 minute video, where Eric demonstrates mental maths faster than a calculator.

Eric is quicker at mental maths than writing the explanation on the white board.

Stay tuned for more video's of Jain 108 students.

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“The Journey from 1 to 4 Dimensions”

Here is a Ladder of Dimensions…

It all begins with the Pine Code of 8:13 counter-rotating spirals.

This is the 1st Dimension of numbers: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34- etc known as the ubiquitous Fibonacci Sequence.

The 2nd Dimension is expressed by nesting these numbers as squares forming the nautilus shell spiral in flatland.

The 3rd Dimension is represented by expressing these numbers as cubes in space, forming the Ram’s Horn. So sacred was this Living Mathematics of the Golden Spiral that it became known and tainted as the symbol of the devil, a form of imaginary fear, currently being dissolved as Children get empowered with the true knowledge of Sacred Geometry.

The 4th Dimension is again represented by perceiving each of the Fibonacci numbers as a 4th Dimensional Cube or HyperCube or Tesseract creating the Torus or Ring of Life.

~ Jain 108.

nb: This Journey just outlined is the basis of Jain’s new 'Steinerism' called 'The Art Of Number', an exciting curriculum for the growing global home-schooling movement. The book and ebook and dvd can be ordered via this link: 

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A simple definition for Fractal is:
As Above, So below.
That which forever expands
must resolve upon itself and return, contract towards its heart
seeking a pure Centrepoint
a singularity that is connected to pluralities
passing through all spectrums
embracing all Light, all Creation.

Jain 108

Image ~ Found on

#sacredgeometry   #phi   #fractal   #fibonacci   #goldenmean  
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"Solfeggio and 5-2-8"

There is a special chart of Triplets of numbers derived from your common Phone Pad of Numbers 1 to 9, a 3x3 matrix:
1   2   3 
4   5   6
7   8   9
The middle or central column is 2-5-8.
The Harmonic Codex or Numerical Anagram of these 3 numbers
gives other important variations like: 8-5-2 and 5-2-8 etc
These triplets are known as "Solfeggio" tones 
(though they are not a musical scale!).
When these Solfeggio frequencies are expressed as "cycles per second" or hertz, eg: 528 hz, 
they act as Codes of Creation linking our world to the highest intelligence of the stars and the atoms, 
linking up with earth's ancient and sophisticated system of weights and measures.
An example of this is to make the connection with our use of "miles".
There are 5,280 feet in a standard mile.
In Harmonic Maths, any zeroes or decimal points are dismissed, leaving a fundamental or barebone expression of that number,
thus 5,280 becomes associated to or resonates to 528 and may be called "Harmonic 528".
This means that the Solfeggio Triplets relate directly to the Harmonics of the Earth Grid.
Currently many students of these frequencies are calling the 528 Hz as the Frequency of Love because the midpoint or heart of the rainbow/spectrum is the green ray that approximates to this 528 nanometers bandwidth.
396 Hz is another code that relates to 3,960 miles which is the equatorial radius of our Planet Earth. 
Of interest, each Triplet or Solfege Number Code also adds up to either a 3, 6 or a 9 which according to Tesla and Edward Leedskalnin refer to as the Powers of 3-6-9 and is a key to understanding the fabric of the Universe. 

For more good information on this topic and how it relates to healing and sonic tonics, and to its advanced name as the "Zobet Frequencies", 
check out the distinguished work of Ashera Hart @ 

Jain 108 

Image ~ from

#sacredgeometry   #phi   #528hz  
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When the upstream of the Father intercourses with downstream of the Mother, when the Sun meets the Moon, when the Black confluences with the White, when all opposites agree, a unified and intelligent radiation appears from the effulgent Centrepoint, this is called The Star of David, sometimes known as the Seal of Solomon. In mathematics, these 2 intersecting triangles embrace the Root Harmonic known as The Square Root of 3, (meaning, what number multiplied by itself, gives 3? thus the solution is 1.732 x 1.732 = 3). This 3-ness suggests fertility, in the sense that when the love of 2 parents unites and expands, a 3rd principle is born, this we call The Child.

The Root of 3 (determined by an equilateral triangle whose 3 sides are 1 unit in length) is found not only in flowers but in crystals, like in the atomic structure of silicon chip that stores all the billions of bits of memory stored in our computers. The Star of David, is a Hexagon when the 6 tips or vertices are joined, reminiscent of the bees perfect and most efficient way for packing pollen in hexagonal cells. We share an infinity with this silicon chip since it is similar in composition to our pineal gland (3rd Eye) meaning we can be in a natural state of harmony with this evolving hi-tech as it mirrors the magnificence of Who We Are, since this Star of David and the inherent Root 3 configuration is both a cousin to Biology and Technology.

Jain 108

#sacredgeometry   #phi   #goldenmean   #vedicmathematics   #fibonacci   #davinci   #platonicsolids   #fractal   #goldenspiral   #magicsquare  
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Span = the length of the Human Outstretched Arms from left middle-fingertip to right middle-fingertip. Incredibly, this distance is identical to your Height! This means You fit inside of a cube!
The Double Cube = double your own height, is the correct spatial harmonics for housing and incorporating human bio-architecture, containing the essential Root Harmonics of 2, 3, 5 and 6!

With arms outstretched, pivot your body, creating a cubic vessel whose length is the span of your arms. The Cube is your bio-etheric container on Earth. By Doubling Your Cube,you create the Golden Mean (1 + Root 5 divided by 2 = 1.618...) and therefore establish an implosive link to inter-Dimensional access and to the Bliss Experience. High ceilings make you feel good. Geometry opens a Door.

Jain 108

6 Cubes Around a Central Cube forms a HeptoCubic Structure (7 Cubes) and is the geometric platform for
Homo Noosphericus (SuperHuman Expansive Mind and Consciousness).
(image and concept from the late Jose Arguelles, promoter of the Mayan Calendar)

#sacredgeometry   #phi   #goldenmean   #vedicmathematics   #fibonacci   #davinci   #davincicode   #platonicsolids   #fractal   #magicsquare   #goldenspiral  
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"Phi Vesica" or "Golden Vesica"

The Traditional Vesica Piscis does not contain the Phi Ratio, it does contain the important root harmonics of 2, 3 and 5. The Vesica Piscis creates the Flower of Life Pattern, based on midpoints of hexagonal tessellations.

It took me 30 years of research and question to find the "Phi Vesica." It was hidden in the division of the circle's diameter by 3, (not by 2 which generates midpoints and the familiar Flower Of Life patterns). It can only be realized by dividing the circles diameter into 3. TriVision, not Duality.
This is the Trinitization of the Circle that extrudes Phi Ratios.
It is an exciting shape and has many future possibilities for advanced engineering applications.

Jain 108

My hand drawn image and more details of "Phi Vesica" can be found in 'The BOOK Of PHI, Vol 6, The 3 Phi Codes'

#sacredgeometry   #phi   #goldenmean   #vedicmathematics   #fibonacci   #davinci   #platonicsolids   #fractal   #magicsquare   #goldenspiral  
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