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is crafty.

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Well this is more than a little disturbing... I hope Google+ isn't stepping into facebooks shoes on privacy issues and this worries me!
I posted this last week but for all you new artists on G+, this is VERY important!

Prevent others from ordering - Yes, ORDERING(!!!) - or downloading your photos!!! It's the default setting so change it!

1. Click on Photos at the very top in the black navigation bar.
2. Little Gear in the far right very top corner is your settings link for whichever aspect of G+ you are in.
3. Photo Settings > Privacy and Permissions
4. Unclick Order Prints and Download my Photos
5. Save Changes.

Hey locals! Holly B. hooked me up with a pass to see Fright Night.... TONIGHT! Super short notice does anyone want to go see it with us? Atlantic Station at 7pm. Let me know :)

Monday - infinitely better because I received an awesome package of tees from Threadless. Wish this happened every MONDAY!
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