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Clean Hosting
       I find a lot of satisfaction in feeding people and take
great pride in serving mouth-watering meals at my table.  Cook and hostess are 2 parts of my identity
that I've cherished since I was a little girl. So when my dairy allergy and
gluten intoleran...

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Re-imagined Sonoma Chicken Salad
While I believe proper nourishment deeply influences how we feel,
look and experience life, I also know how difficult it can be to find the time
to prepare three nutrient dense meals and snacks every single day. Sure, eating
well lays a proper foundation fo...

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Recipe: Warming Winter Bowl (Gluten, Grain and Dairy Free)
Every February, B heads to Europe for a week-long sales kickoff.
Because his trip always falls on the heels of the fat-kid stretch between
Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, I welcome the opportunity to use it as a mental
and physical reset. I work out every...

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Cozy Winter Granola (dairy, gluten and grain free)
Like Pavlov’s
dog, I used to salivate at the first ring of a holiday bell, anxious for
November and December’s much anticipated comfort foods and holiday meals. We
all tend to splurge with more reckless abandon from Thanksgiving through New
Year’s and altho...

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Grown Up Friends
A few weekends ago I went to Palm Springs for a bachelorette
party thrown in honor of a California girlfriend that I've known for a few
years now. We’re kindred spirits, like-minded in many ways, and I value our friendship so much that I didn't think twice ...

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Indian Wedding
On my walk home from Pilates yesterday afternoon, as I
ascended the Mason Street hill from Union Square, I heard the unmistakable
twang of sitar filling Huntington Square a block above me. The music was
celebratory, punctuated by the thud of hand drums boun...

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Venus Fly Trap
By January, everyone is ready for a reset button. Carrying
around a few extra pounds, staring back at ruddy skin, and feeling lethargic
get old after a while. Most people are anxious to return to pre-holiday form,
as am I of course, but because weight manag...

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Irish Elf
I don’t like anything getting in the way of my holiday cheer.
I’m a bit of a Christmas professional; I look at the month of December as
something to prepare for, both mentally and physically. Each year, I aim to be
rested, energized and in full holiday spir...

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In Living Color
B is the most authentic, real, alive person I have ever met.
He is sensitive and passionate, his emotions lie just under the surface; they
bubble over multiple times a day in intense waves of happiness, frustration,
joy, displeasure, satisfaction, sadness, ...

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Boob Tube
18 months later, I’m still a little surprised by how much back surgery
altered my path. Major surgery shifts your focus, reshapes your train of
thought, and causes you to look at every moment within each day differently.
Ironically, eye-opening revelations ...
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