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Mason Mullins
Truck Driver, vaper, Linux geek, all around tech nerd
Truck Driver, vaper, Linux geek, all around tech nerd

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First full day with my shiny new Alcatel Idol 4S. Big adjustment from Android, but overall I'm really liking it. There are a couple of apps I use daily that aren't available but I knew that going in, I just use them on one of my Android tablets or my iPad. Options are good.

The UI is great and the OS seems to run pretty smoothly. So far the camera seems to suck, but hopefully I can work that out. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh yeah, and the speakers on this thing are awesome 

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After a bit of work I think I have the new laptop set up to my liking.

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Bought a new laptop today, an HP Omen 17 with 8 core i7, 12 GB RAM (will likely up that), 256 GB SSD, 1TB HDD @7200 rpm,. Wiped Windows and installed Solus.

The boot time is incredible and everything starts and runs extremely fast. I installed the OS to the SSD and mounted /home on the HDD.

My previous laptop was no slouch but seems like a slug compared to this one. Seems like exactly what Solus is built for. Now if we can just get Optimus support on Solus I'll be a very happy camper indeed.

Been using Solus for a while. Used Fedora 23 and 24 without issues. Last night I decided to give 25 a try. Installed and updated no problem but then suddenly my screen went black for a second and then came back inverted 180 degrees.

Only way I could fix it was to reboot, and it did it again. Any ideas why? 

Got bored and feeling like a change and installed Fedora 25 on my laptop. That lasted less than an hour. It seems Wayland really isn't ready for mainstream. At one point my whole screen was inverted 180 degrees and the onlybway I coukd fix it was a reboot.

Now happily back to Solus. Took less than half the tine to reinstall than to install Fedora and the damn thing just works.

[Solved] Ok, just updated my system and have an issue with gdm. I run gdm because I installed Gnome Shell.
I rebooted after the update and it came up with Lightdm instead of gdm. Ok, I ran (as root) systemctl disable lightdm.service and systemctl enable gdm.service but when I rebooted it came back as Lightdm.

I did ctl+alt+F3 to CLI and ran (as root) systemctl disable lightdm and systemctl stop lightdm then systemctl enable gdm and systemctl start gdm. Gdm started no problem but when I rebooted it again came back up as Lightdm.

What gives? Am I missing a step somewhere?

Received the S7E replacement from TMO. The previous one was seriously overheating. Ironic as it was the replacement for the doomed Note 7.

This one has shown no signs of getting hot running all of the exact same apps.

I personally know a few people who have had heating issues with the S7E. I hope Sammy gets this figured out in time for the next models. I would really like to go with the Note 8 when it comes out next year.

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Issued eopkg it -c desktop.gnome as root. Everything seemed to run ok but received an error at the end. Everything seems to be running ok. Anything needing to be fixed?


Software Center broken? In the SC, all of the 3rd Party stuff has a red X, and I see a red X on the SC Home screen on Programming Languages & Tools.

Something get borked? 

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Currently running a nice little independent distro called Solus. Boots and runs very quickly. Very easy on resources too.
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