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Ohhh yeah! 

The original Mirror's Edge was one of the most interesting games of the previous decade - turning the logics of the first person view point on it's head and priding flight over fight and momentum over kill-chains . Obviously not much can be really made out from the video (aside from it looks lovely) but it's great to know that this sleeper hit is actually getting a sequel.

[It's just a pity it's only going to be on the new generation of consoles] 

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Steve Rogers - American Captain

Apparently they're already quite well known but I came to them through the author, a friend up at university. A wonderful undermining of the trope of the superhero, a critique of the liberal academic complex, but mostly just a joyous remediation a canonical comic book character. 

I particularly enjoy the interactions between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark (who is channelled to perfection)...

My personal favourite 

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A fantastic write up by Brendan Keogh on the queer games scene. What I find really interesting is the work that the games (and developers) which Brendan looks at can do in terms of explaining the what it is like to be part of a body of society which is significantly othered. 

Even if it's not your kind of thing it's a fascinating example of how games actually do cultural work and are far more than the simple forms of entertainment which they get typified as... 

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While I can empathise with the sentiments of what is being suggested here (being tied to one strict identity) it strikes me that a protest of this kind is somewhat late out of the gate.

We are already "cyborgs" through the technology that we utilise to mediate the world we live in - smart phones, social networks, even the humble camera are all ways of breaching the physical barriers of time and space and extending ourselves into the world - sure Google Glass presents a certain type of convergence of these aspects but only in terms of centralising the experience. I'd note that I'm using the term "Cyborg" not as an idea of physically embedded technology, but a socially embedded technological "enhancement" - it all adds up to the same thing in the end.

I do indeed have issues with how some of these technologies restrict the ability for people to generate different identities (by being tied to the data about them) - but Google Glass is not new or unique in this - it's simply a point of convergence. I'd almost argue that having a visible presentation of the convergence of data with the physical offers a kind of transparency which allows people to "opt out" by being able to identify those utilising these data construction devices. 

Sure the protesters have valid concerns, but those concerns are rooted in the core background services not in the front end visible representation. It's the same as attacking the symptom and not the cause.

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Sharing because it's a good cause and something from my own back-yard (NZ)!
If this Kiwi-created Kickstarter reaches $15K, you get fiction written by me, about fantasy pirates and zombies and all kinds of awesome stuff. For real. There's only 32 hours to go, and while it's already funded, it needs more backers if it's going to hit the stretch goal that I'm attached to. Please share as you're able, folks!

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Sometimes nostalgia is a good thing - been re-listening to some of my old band stuff which I'm pretty proud of being involved in... 

The Dukes of Leisure - Time Must Have a Stop
Drawing On Walls

The Dukes of Leisure - Science
Dukes of Leisure - Science (Live)

The K1500 Project - Monsters

The K1500 Project - Hanging By My Side

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New blog - the commoditisation of social relations in games, some good, some bad, all of it complex...

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New blog, can we bridge the gap between the open environment / tight narrative dilemma in RPGs?

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New blog - a look at the conflict mechanic within Carcassonne!

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New blog - looking at the adopting of different moral positions within post-apocalyptic games... 
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