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that was fun! my hangout with Google and the Trimarchi DG people. You can see it here -> TRImarchi en un Google+ Hangout con Eike

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time to look at some nice (art)(illustration)work? here we go ->

(my) pieces of wisdom

the guys from Trimarchi Dg asked me to write down my 10 maxims for you guys (the creative crowd out there) - here we go:

1 Hurting yourself can hurt someone else, even if you don't want to.
2 Thinking twice doesn't mean you should earn double.
3 Believing in miracles is easy. Try it, right now … And?
4 Running a studio is not the same like sitting in a café.
5 Trusting in money is like eating strawberries at midnight.
6 A decision does not need to be the last catastrophe you have to go through.
7 If you count to ten, there will always be a seven.
8 Sleeping long is a good way of not waking up early.
9 Peace is something you should consume as much as you like.
10 Not everything you see on TV is true.

do something good while being on planet earth!
eike im sommer 2011

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It's time for a break, it's time for some great illustrations from

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what a GREAT album … SBTRKT … watch the video here SBTRKT - "Wildfire" Official Video

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I really like the work of Damien Correll ->

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watch ALL of them

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