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Getting married in five days. This will be an amazing adventure! And a much needed vacation.
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My power ring disagrees with you.
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No I'm not flipping you off. But my hard light constructs will.
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I'm going to say this before more people I know get on because I don't need to talk about this a lot.

I don't believe in religion.

I do believe in: Aliens maybe. Big Bangs. Evolution. Science. REAPERS.

I do not like politics.

I believe in: TRUE Freedom. Socialism. The Matrix (as a concept). No currency. Barter System. A system that requires you to work a set number of hours per week to be provided the needs to survive for free (home, transportation, clothing, food) and to work a few extra hours above that minimum to be allowed luxuries or requested items (entertainment)

I believe in the type one civilization. I believe that if we cannot achieve this state, we the human race, should be destroyed by targeted pathogen over night and let the wild retake the earth.

I also believe that anyone who doesn't show kindness to others willingly is not to be trusted. Sure, go ahead and be mean in private, behind their backs. That won't hurt them. But when they're in front of you face to face, and you're still a dick, then you should be put in a machine much like the pods in the matrix, which simulates a prison, and we can collect all of your bodies energy. You will never hurt anyone ever again and you will still contribute to the people.

A lot of my views are pretty basic, and yet so many people have a problem with them. To you I say, bugger off. Get your shitty attitude and close minded opinions out of my life.
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Stayed up all night. Again.
Name's Stephen. I work. I live. I play. I do all three hard. I do all three well. I'm kind and enjoyable, but I can annoy at times, but who doesn't. Everybody has a limit to how much they can take. You either love me or hate me but there's no in between, I don't let that happen. I have anger issues, but I keep them in check for the best of times. I like turtles. Gackt is amazing, Jean-Luc is badass, The Four Bruces are who I look up to for inspiration, if you don't know who they are you are a lost soul.

I don't know why I'm here, I just know that I'm going to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. I don't change the way I feel for anyone.
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I lived in Texas near the border and went to Mexico quite often. The food there had a very distinct style compared to much of America's "Mexican restaurants". El Rancho has that style in some areas and lacks in others. The tamales used to be quite good, then a few things changed and the quality dropped. However, the fajitas are always on point. The tacos get the job done on the worst days even, but are a real treat when they're done well. El Rancho may have had a change of chefs and some budget decisions made for quality cuts here and there, for the most part this place is still one of the best places to get Mexican food in Baton Rouge, simply because many other Mexican Restaurants lack even quality tacos.
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I judge Mexican cuisine based on how closely it resembles my second family home cooking (an actual family in Mexico that my family is good friends with) and this place drops the ball in all areas. Service: SLOW. I have been in slow service restaurants before, but this is an all time killer. Took half an hour to get my drinks after we sat down. The order was wrong the first time. Never got any refills unless we flagged the waitress down. Waitress was also very unapologetic and dispassionate. The worst part of this? The side we sat on was all empty save two other tables (of about 15) Food: The quality of the food was not what I expected at all. I ordered two tacos, enchiladas and tamales, and a fajitas plate for myself and my wife. The tacos were bland, with only meat lettuce and barely any tomatoes, no cheese or sauce/salsa either. The enchiladas were very salty, and the sauce on it tasted like it came out of a can. The tamale meat was dry and gritty. The only half decent thing was the Fajita plates. They came with decently seasoned beef strips and the vegetables were cooked properly at least. The chips and Salsa they brought out however took awhile to get to us and the salsa tasted like Pace. If I want Pace I can go to the store. Prices: Outlandish for the quality of service and food presented to us. I've been to better restaurants for the same. Atmosphere: The only thing I felt was authentic was the Telemundo channel on TV. It really tries too hard to be culturally Mexican by overusing iconic gag aesthetics like sombreros, cactus and drunk Mexican paintings, when culturally, this is not what represents Mexico at all. Over all, I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone, even if you think you know Mexican food. Unless you've actually been to Mexico, you're not getting an authentic experience here and you are actually better off going to Taco Bell.
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