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xine – multimedia engine
a Free multimedia player and library for GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac and possibly Windows
a Free multimedia player and library for GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac and possibly Windows


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xine-ui 0.99.9 is out!

Changes – mainly bug fixes.
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xine-lib 1.2.6 is out!

Changes include video decoding and output for #raspberrypi ,  more colour matrix support (overlay, VAAPI, Radeon), Opus audio support, and various decoding and output fixes and optimisations.
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xine-lib 1.2.5 was released on Tuesday.

This release works with libav10.

We now have an avformat demuxer plugin, which means new formats and new protocols – for example, proper RTSP support (avformat+rtsp://, rtsp+tcp:// and rtsp+http://). Native demuxer plugins are probed first, but can be overridden by configuration or by selecting the demuxer in the MRL – either postfix, i.e. #demux:avformat, or by using avformat+ as a protocol prefix.

We also have a avio (libavformat) input plugin, which allows for HTTPS, FTP, sftp, seekable HTTP streams (avio+http://). This can be overridden in config or by using avio+ as a protocol prefix.

We now handle HEVC/H.265, ADPCM G.726 and ATRAC3. H.265 is handled in MPEG-TS and, along with VP9, in Matroska. VP8 and VP9 decoding may be done by libvpx.

The Quicktime demuxer has seen some improvements: multiple user-selectable audio tracks, support for AC3, EAC3, Vorbis and PureVoice audio, support for ISO fragment media files. Broken files should be handled more safely.

The AC3 decoder now has bass downmix support; HDMV subtitle channel handling and some colour format conversion, RealVideo PTS and COOK audio problems are fixed.
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xine-lib 1.2.4 is out…!

• Some VAAPI plugin fixes (build, image size changes).
• ffmpeg multi-channel playback fixes:
  – Handle channel configuration changes sooner.
  – Generic layout if none provided; follow user changes.
  – Defer opening output if nothing to play.
  – Don't re-open with identical settings.
  – Don't use the bits-per-sample value (may not match decoder output).
• ffmpeg video fixes:
  – Default to square pixels, avoiding black bars & unnecessary scaling.
  – Avoid CODEC_FLAG_EMU_EDGE (and some possible segfaults).
• OpenGL2 output: don't render into invalid drawable.
• Fix a possible xine_play() hang related to display locking.
• FLV demuxer rewrite:
  – Improved metadata parsing.
  – PTS/DTS fixes.
  – Large file support on 32-bit.
  – Much improved seeking.
  – Much optimisation.
  – More codecs supported.
• audio_out speed control fixes.
• Optimised RGB→YUY2 conversion.
• Avoid a possible performance penalty where AVX-optimised memcpy is used.
• Add BD-J (BluRay Java) support with ARGB overlay capable video drivers (opengl2, vaapi, vdpau)
• Add support for theora 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 pixel formats

Get it while it's, er… fresh?
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xine-lib 1.2.3 is out!

From the changelog:
• Add VAAPI HW decoding support
• Add OpenGL 2.0 output plugin
• Add crop support to XShm output plugins
• Add color matrix and full range support to OpenGL/Xv/XShm output plugins
• Add test image generator input plugin
• Add fast libjpeg based JPEG decoder
• Add max. Xv image size detection to Xv video output plugin
• Fix crash when trying to display too large jpeg image with Xv output plugin
• Fix possible crash when stopping playback with deinterlacing enabled
• Support large PAT in MPEG TS
• Handle EAC3 audio (via ffmpeg)

Also, it should be buildable with current libav & ffmpeg.

(The link is for the source tarball.)
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Even more broken than it was before. ☹

This should be scrapbook images, but that got broken a while back. Now it looks bad.

No, we're not changing it.
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Website's down. No clue as yet as to why or when it'll be up again yet…
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