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U of T Anthropology
Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto
Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto

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April 16 Anthropology Public Alumni Lecture
Prof. Carol Ward on The Shape of Human Origins

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U of T "Get Involved" video series!

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On September 29, we posted a half hour video to the Archaeology YouTube channel based on the Kalahari Reflections event held at Victoria College in June, 2012. We think the panel conversations, combined with lots of images from their fieldwork in the 1960s and 70s, give a very positive sense of anthropology as an engaged discipline that makes fundamental contributions to our knowledge of humanity. For the 2012 event we convened a group of anthropologists and archaeologists, including Harvard Kalahari Project leaders Irven DeVore and Richard Lee, to share their memories of fieldwork and discuss their commitment to continuing engagement with the communities they studied. Our posting comes only one week after Irv DeVore died in Boston. We hope that this video will serve his memory well. We integrated historical images and music to create a document we hope you will enjoy.

Michael Chazan and Susan Pfeiffer

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