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Damien Michael Nichols
Going down the rabbit hole.
Going down the rabbit hole.

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Beware Supreme Auto in Delran, NJ! They got me to drive 2hrs with an egregious lie about the condition of a vehicle, and then smiled in my face as they tried to convince me that a vehicle with scratches all over the exterior and stains and cracks all over the interior was "very clean."

They even tried to convince me a scratch that went down to bare metal and ran over a foot long was a "protective film" that could simply be peeled off. These people give used car salesmen a bad name.

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Two seconds to sign this petition to bring the sketchy, secret, pro-behemoth trade deals into the light. Do iiiiiiit.

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I’m now nearly 79. At 16 I took responsibility for Tibet and lost my freedom. At 24 I lost my country and became a refugee. I’ve met difficulties, but as the saying goes: ‘Wherever you’re happy, you can call home, and whoever is kind to you is like your parents.’ I’ve been happy and at home in the world at large. Living a meaningful life isn’t just a matter of money; it’s about dedicating your life to helping others.

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Wooow. That is awesome and kinda creepy!
this may be how the statues on Easter Island got to where they ended up 

Nearly half are still at Rano Raraku, the main quarry, but hundreds were transported from there and set on stone platforms called ahu around the island's perimeter. Almost all statues have overly large heads three-eighths the size of the whole statue. 

It is not known exactly how the statues were moved across the island, but the process almost certainly required human energy, ropes, and possibly wooden sledges and/or rollers.
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Something not quite right about a smiling Billy Corrigan.
"Despite all my rage, I'm still hugging cats on this page"

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I got to wear #glass for the first time today! The expression on my face is priceless.
1st person who did not say Glasses but GLASS

Looking for great blogs and luminaries to follow in tech and science. Research, trends, insights/perspective and longview type stuff over gadget reviews and rumor roundups. Got that beyond covered.

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It's all about repersonalizing our lives. WITH technology, not in spite of it. For so long we've had to mold ourselves to the technology of the age in order to make use of it. The cubicle exists because desktops, and before that, typewriters, and before that, adding machines, ad infinitum.
We're now cusping on the point where technology can be molded to us instead.

Over the coming decades a world of possibility exponentially more vast than what came with the telephone, the car, or the desktop is opening up before us. What we do with that is incredibly important.

The next wave will only be as transformative as our ability to use it to better understand ourselves, follow our wonder, and genuinely engage with each other.

It could go horribly wrong, or just as bad IMO, horribly bland. But I don't think it will.
I'm coming to realize that social media is horrible for getting people to act. Email is better, being friends with someone is far better.

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The answer is the repersonalization, and as much as is practical, the relocalization of commerce. The efficiencies of global supply chains have produced astounding results, some wonderful! Like the realization of our global interdependence. The more we engage in trade together the less likely we'll be to want to shoot at each other. But for us to really make the economy work for everyone including workers it's gotta get personal again. It can't be all about profits (if you're rich) or low, low prices (if you're poor). It can't be about "get a job!" It has to be more like "build a life" "find your purpose" and "do what makes you happy."

Without that economic success is meaningless anyway, not to mention unsustainable. With it, the sky is(n't even) the limit.

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I'm finding this post super thought-provoking. Just reading it I've started drawing some real distinctions between my ego and "the real me." I'd love to know if anyone else finds it useful/accurate, and if not, why.
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