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New books from Harper Lee and JD Salinger?

High School readers everywherer rejoice!

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Harvard falling behind Stanford and MIT when it comes to preparing grads for the high tech industry?

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Value is the New Black

The trend towards traditional Medicare benefits being paid through ACOs, bundled payments or other alternative models will increase to 30% by the end of 2016 according to Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services. Within three years that number will grow to 50% Mathews states.

That should drive Long-term care providers to increasingly adopt value-based models and away from fee-for-service, or quantity-based, models. Quality doesn’t go away, nor does the need for positive outcomes, but they have to be achieved efficiently. 

This will likely continue to drive LTC providers to improve partnerships with hospitals under exactly the same pressures. HHS has decreed hospitals within the next three years should be receiving 90% of their Medicare payments based on value-based programs that emphasize hospital readmission reduction and other quality improvement within three years.

For workforce management, this will fuel the ongoing trend towards adoption of lower cost, high value, and easy to use and implement solutions, further supplanting inefficient and complicated WFM systems requiring huge resources to implement and maintain.

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Once again, there is a shortage of trained healthcare workers as they leaving at a rate faster than they are joining the field... no place more than long-term care facilities.

This study from the University of California, San Francisco points out that better education and training of these workers is crucial for employers to reduce job accidents and increase quality, and I would argue better quality of life through humane scheduling and more control over when they work and where is also crucial to keeping staff happy, safe, and productive.
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