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"Anything other than a cloud-only strategy for new IT initiatives will require justification at more than 30 percent of large enterprises by 2020, according to Gartner.

However, despite strong interest in public and private cloud infrastructure, few best practices are in common use because broad enterprise deployment is still in initial stages. Many organisations are still determining the similarities and differences with traditional forms of computing."

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"Mac unit sales of nearly 5.4 million bested both industry and financial analysts' expectations. Before Apple released its data, research firm IDC had pegged Apple's number at 4.9 million, while rival Gartner offered an even lower estimate: 4.6 million. And according to Philip Elmer-DeWitt, who regularly polls Wall Street for quarterly forecasts, every analyst from a group of more than two dozen undershot Mac sales, some by over half a million machines."

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"Only 13 percent of 680 executives who responded to a recent +Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey had a single source of customer intelligence capable of integrating everything—such as social data, support calls, and sales and service partners involved—into a single view. But don’t take that low number to mean lack of interest in a single source solution—58 percent of respondents were either actively developing a solution to the problem (30 percent) or evaluating an alternative (28 percent). Many of these executives believe that creating a single view of customer engagement is one of the biggest challenges they face, and they’re turning to IT and outside experts for help."

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Tech platforms:

"Donald Trump could think/tweet all he wants that Facebook was on Hillary Clinton’s side. But his presidential campaign got a bigger boost than expected from Facebook, Twitter and Google, according to a new study.

The tech giants are already set to testify in front of U.S. lawmakers next week amid investigations into Russian meddling — by way of fake news and ads — in the U.S. presidential election. But the companies’ tools and employees also played an active role in helping affect the outcome."

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+Universal Robotics

"Cobots are small, typically single- or double-armed devices that can be programmed on the fly to do a number of mundane tasks, from picking and placing items to precision assembly.

The robots themselves are platforms. By kitting out base models from companies like ABB and Universal Robotics with an array of sensors and end effectors (such as grippers or suckers), end-users can easily customize units for a huge array of tasks."

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"The +Facebook-owned company sees a variety of uses for its headsets, from enterprise collaboration to employee training, in a range of industries. Putting VR technology in the hands of more businesses is a crucial step to growing the market, and Oculus wants to make the process easier with Oculus for Business."

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"Slack is touting a partnership that will allow its team messaging tool to act as the interface for a range of Oracle business applications.

The deal has advantages for both companies, offering Oracle a new method of engagement with its sales, HR and ERP apps and handing Slack a chance to boost its presence in large organizations."

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"As open source is expected to continue to grow and standardize more development fields, here is a short preview of some of the most promising candidates to rise in 2018. Most of them were built around the growing realization that the age of components has just begun and that applications in 2018 will be built using encapsulated, composable and styled components as building blocks – which should be easily shared and used in our different applications."

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Human-machine interface:

"Unlike superhumans, our superpowers are contained in a combination lock box called a computer. Sometimes we know the combination, sometimes we just don’t and end up pushing buttons until something happens. That’s why our cyber-superpowers feel less than superhuman. They live outside of us and are nowhere near as effortless to control as moving our body or thinking. So to make superhumans, we need to change the way we access our superpowers; we need to change our human-machine interface (HMI)."
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