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Archive Sharepoint 2007/2010 List
There was a requirement where I work to automate archiving of Sharepoint 2007 lists. Thought someone might find the below useful for similar requirements. If running SharePoint on Windows 2003, one just need to install Powershell components. Thanks go out t...

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The new ARM powered ODROID-XU with 8 core big.LITTLE architecture. Having a battle with myself. To get or not to get?
#android #odroid #arm #opencl #odroidxu #boinc  

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Ported my Linux virtual machines running on my VirtualBox headless over to Linux Containers (LXC) Should have done this a lot earlier, even with the likes of OpenVZ...Got too comfortable with VirtualBox and similar hypervisors.

So far it's running quite nicely on-top of ZFS volumes using native ZFS Linux port. I have a volume for every container for snapshots and quotas. Only issue I've had so far is CPU soft-lockup condition if I start the containers immediately after the host starts. Hopefully can track down why this is happening. Until then I'll just delay start.

One thing I did notice is the crew over at Docker (   actually tell you to upgrade to kernel 3.8 due to a bug when running on earlier kernel versions. My host is running kernel 3.5. I'm not actually using Docker packages though, just the ones from official Ubuntu repos.

Anyway, thought I'd share my experience with lxc containers running on top of ZFS linux port. So far so good.

#lxc   #linux   #zfs   #linuxcontainers #virtualization

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I've compiled version 7 of SETI@Home BOINC client for Raspberry Pi. Feel free to give it a try.
#raspberrypi #boinc #seti #rpi  

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After my 2 year break-up with ZFS I have decided to return through the native Linux kernel port Currently in the process of copying back all the data from my 2 year stable EXT4 FS on MD RAID-5 setup. I hope I don't regret this. :)

#zfsonlinux   #zfs   #linux   #storage  

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Port of SubsetSum@Home for running with BOINC client on Raspberry Pi in case anyone is interested in trying.

#boinc   #raspberrypi   #subsetsum   #arm  

I just read that the Sony Playstation 4 will have 18 separate GPU compute units contributing to ~1.84 TFLOPS of crunching power. This is separate to the 8 x86 CPU cores. I wonder how much of the consumer base will be people buying them to crunch science applications in their garages... Didn't Sony have this issue last time with the PS3, leading to them restricting ability to install other operating systems? My guess is that something native to Sony's OS will be available for the PS4. I can see quite a few people doing BOINC crunching on this machine whilst not being used for entertainment reasons.

#PS4 #gpu #PS3 #boinc #Science #crunching  

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In case anyone is interesting in a part time project of mine.
+Daniel Carrion has an interesting page on using the Raspberry Pi for taking part in distributed computing projects such as SETI@Home and MilkyWay@Home.
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