Auidence cheers when Monderator asks, "Should society let an uninsured man die?"

Ron Paul calmly explained that churches and chairty should take care of the sick. Unless their gay, then the church will turn them away as is their right to do in a totally "free" society -- or black or Muslim or atheist or, worst or all, a government work in which case the discriminatory charities would all refuse service -- as is their FREEDOM to do in the weird Ayn Randian Ron Paul multi-verse. A parallel reality in which discrimination is allowed by all and yet somehow everything magically works out so that no discrimination or inequality exists.

Ron then continued on to explain that we've got to stop expecting others to help us and we've got to help ourselves. Instead of whining that a "doctor" should save our lives we should have the gumption to perform our own open heart surgery and have the can-do spirit to insert our own catheters if we cant afford to have a nurse do it --- as was clearly the intention of Thomas Jefferson when he wrote the Ten Commandments and won the Battle of Waterloo.

Instead of complaining to some government bureaucrat to investigate your rape, Americans need to do it themselves! Stop sitting around and sobbing and waiting for your wounds to heal -- start investigating and find your rapist! These idea that we need some kind of Nanny-state police force to do it for us is what's causing the inflation of dollar!

Ron Paul 2012!

Re-share with other whiney liberals who mistakenly think we need government to intrude into the private lives of corporations to determine what food is or isn't safe to eat. FREEDOM!!!
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