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wesley chun
"A computer never does what you want... only what you tell it."
"A computer never does what you want... only what you tell it."

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Love our VP giving a shout-out to all of the Google Cloud Developer Advocates as we continue counting down to #GoogleNext17! I'll be there... will you?!? #GSuite #GCP @GoogleCloud @GSuiteDevs 

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The best reason to #DeleteUber. Will stick with #Lyft & #Gett now. Come on. Really? In 2016?

I once told a recruiter from Uber that from what I'd heard, I wouldn't be a good cultural fit at their firm and that they'd best not follow up with me.

I had no idea how good a decision that was.

Here's another... #deleteuber

+Uber take a look at my ride and payment history: I spend a lot of money with you. Say goodbye to that. You're convenient but other things matter.

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Celebrating the solidarity with our global community of brothers & sisters today with Islamic Chinese cuisine! #IAmAMuslimToo #NoBanNoWallNoRaids

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No politics this morning. ICYMI, important news from the other day! The word "jedi" as in the movie title, "The Last Jedi", is plural!!!! :-)

The Daily Show writers get it right again. Trevor Noah's delivery expresses exactly how I feel about the criticism against the judiciary, particularly Judge Robart... 99-0!

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Did you miss the launch of Google App Maker letting you build tools/apps in low-code environment? Catch up now & see more in a month at #GoogleNext17!
Today we announced App Maker, a low-code, application development tool that lets you quickly build and deploy custom apps tailored to your organization’s needs. It's built on Apps Script, but adds a ton of UI widgets, data models, and security features. It's only available to G Suite customers, and is currently in a limited EAP. Learn more here:

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Silicon Valley resident: "OMG, it's sooo cheap!"

Everyone else globally: "OMG, it's sooo expensive!"

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Google Cloud Next is exactly 1 month from today; will you join us? I posted which sessions #GSuite devs should look@
G Suite developer sessions at Google Cloud Next 2017

There are over 200 sessions happening next month at the Google Cloud NEXT conference ( in San Francisco... so many choices! Along with the Google Cloud Platform (, this year features the addition of G Suite so all 3 pillars of cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) are represented!

Sessions that may be of particular interest to G Suite developers:

- Using Google Apps Script to automate G Suite
- Building G Suite add-ons with Google Apps Script
- Using Drive APIs to customize Google Drive
- Automating internal processes using Apps Script and APIs for Docs editors
- Citizen developers building low-code apps with App Maker on G Suite

These talks and plenty more are waiting for you at Cloud NEXT, the best place to get your feet wet with developing for G Suite as well as the Google Cloud Platform. Meet and interact with your industry peers alongside representatives from all over Google to take advantage of this opportunity!

Learn more at: #GoogleNext17 #GSuite
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