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new music / jazz / world synthesis


excerpted interview from the Hill Country Jazz Festival Eddie Durham tribute:
Doug Lawrence, a featured saxophonist for the Count Basie Orchestra, and Rufus Reid, jazz musician, performed with School of Music faculty Hank Hehmsoth and Stephen Summer.
“We all knew the music, but never practiced together before the show,” Summer said. “All four of us shook hands only ten minutes before the show.”
The group performed numerous big band arrangements from Durham’s era.
They also performed arrangements by artists like Johnny Green and Dizzy Gillespie.
Meghan Bates, mass communications freshman, said “Jazz is something we all can connect to.”
“When you get into a new situation like this, you never know what is going to happen,” Summer said. “To play with legends like these was amazing.”
“With this concert we got to celebrate one of the greatest visionaries in jazz history,” Summer said. “In doing so we are keeping Eddie Durham’s heritage alive.”============
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