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Interesting that the Thinkpad Edge style keyboard is coming to the rest of the Thinkpad sesries... It's nice, but it's really not as nice as the classic Thinkpad keyboards... Form over function :(
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as a X1 user, I can only say that the new Thinkpad keyboard is awful. the PrintScreen key is in an horrid position - between RightAlt and RightCtrl - which gets triggered far too easily (especially for me, because I have Compose mapped to RightCtrl, but even if I didn't, PageUp and PageDown are near it as well, for added FAIL). which means that I get to see the screen flash and the shutter sound effect with hilarious effects when I have my headphones on.

the Home/End/Insert/Delete keys are far away; the RightShift is comically large and the Enter key is small. CapsLock is still there, for no apparent reason.

all in all, EPIC FAIL from Lenovo. they touched the one thing that shouldn't have been touched on the Thinkpad.
+Emmanuele Bassi Thanks; was going to buy but will pass. I guess I'm back on the hunt for a laptop with a great screen, keyboard and pointing device.
+1 on +Emmanuele Bassi 's comment, though those things didn't irritate me quite as much... Either way, I'm enjoying the keyboard on the Vaio Z - it isn't classic Thinkpad, but the layout is good (on the whole) and I'm quite liking the shallowness too, now I'm used to it.
+Jason Clinton as much as it hurts me saying it, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro have a very nice screen (with a good resolution), decent keyboard, and a brilliant trackpad. it's ridiculous that nobody managed to create a copy, or a better product - instead, Dell, HP, and Lenovo try to copy the appearance with cheap plastic crap, awful screens, and even worse input devices.
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