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Part 2......................Another big thanks to all who shared this week. I have to tell  you that when I open G+ the first thing on tuesdays and see 80 or 90 notifications at first I think ohhhh then I plow in and enjoy every one of them... some time later when I am finished looking at all the wonderful images I really feel great... but then I look up and 90 more notifications.... ohhhh nooooo... but it is worth it and I learn so much.. thanks to all of you from and myself    please save this and share it as well as the part 2 circle.... they may have come late to the party, but each and everyone of them are talented artist..

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This is 500 people (the limit I can share) from my 1000+ Sci-Fi circle. Warning: My posts that I share to this circle mostly contain very revealing DOCTOR WHO SPOILERS from current filming! I don't know how I go about sharing the rest of my circle without duplicate people. Maybe someone can help me. 

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Vou mandar esse vídeo ai para o Pânico, será que vira?

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O que significa Q.S.C? Significa: Quero Ser Circulado compartilhado,
é uma página na qual tem por objetivo ajudar usuários do google plus à aumentar o numero de seus seguidores.

Todos os seguidores do Q.S.C receberá diariamente notificações de novos circulo de seguidores, e as pessoas deveram adicionar todos nos seus circulos assim quando as pessoas forem circuladas elas te circularam de volta o mais importante é você, compartilhar o Círculo na qual também faz parte para está nos próximos.

Pense comigo, 1 Círculo de 500 novos seguidores, compartilhado pelos 500, + as pessoas que não faz parte do Círculo, que por certo também vai adicionar , já imaginou quantos novos seguidores você vai ter ?? Então ta esperando o que para Compartilhar nossos círculos? Siga a página e compartilhe nossos círculos!

Compartilhe esse circulo e adicione o +Q.S.C - Quero Ser Círculado.2 aos seus círculos para ganhar milhares de seguidores!

Saiba mais detalhado:

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Sua Stream vai bombar com esses usuários aqui.

Os melhores usuários do Google+, com os melhores posts, pessoas legais, comentam os posts dos outros, compartilham, e são ótimas pessoas. Circulem todos eles, valem a pena, se você não está ai, é só avisar, revisarei meus conceitos, e te colocarei ai. (:

+descubraoscirculos / +Shared Circles on G+

Aproveito e apresento-lhes meu TOP 14:
+Jully Kelly
+Lucas Pereira
+Danni Oliveira
+Pedro Bllazi
+Maris Baffa
+Déborah Hering
+João Eduardo Medeiros
+Rodriggo Dell
+Caio Vinnicius
+Júnior azevedo
+Karla Karioca
+Luis Eduardo
+Antonia Martins s2

#CircleFriday #SharedCircles #Indico

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As I promised some days ago I share the first 100 people of the new
Circle of Breakfast Club

IMPORTANT: share this post so people will know the news and the group will grow

Some days ago I started again the Breakfast Club , and I began to add people who really use the tag #breakfastclub because one of intentions of this theme is to share with many people the posts and beautiful images and to comments and to support the work of others.

I've done an hard work to check the people who really use this tag but there is also an old circle with other people that I need to know if they like to be again in, with new curators and with the new page of +Breakfast Club so if the people from the old circle like to be added I hope they'll let me know, I've shared this post also with the them

If you don't like to be in tell me and I'll erase your name

If you would like to be inside ask me here and also you can mention people you think they could be interested to this theme

The Circle of Breakfast Club brings together people who enjoy sharing own works for giving the good morning to the other people, then you can use this tag in your first post in the morning

Would you like to be inside? Here there are some simple things to know:

To be added to the Circle of +Breakfast Club :

1) share a work of yours with the tag #breakfastclub , photos above all, of any topic, but also poems, videos with music or interesting posts you think they could be interesting for the group, so people can found your post and comment it and enjoy it

2) if you are sharing an image be sure to write the tag also on it ( in the black lighbox) , so your work automatically will be shared on the page of +Breakfast Club because the curators can comment and share some of your works but, obviously, not all the times and not all

3) Search the tagged works from the others and support them, THIS IS IMPORTANT, do for the others what you would like the others do to you :)

4) SHARE THIS POST so people can know the news, THIS IS ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT for the grown of a theme so , please don't forget to share it!!

curators : +Andrea Martinez , +Gemma Costa (me) and +Ester Negro

#breakfastclub #sharedclubs #breakfast #sharedcircles #circleshare

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