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Who am I?

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Played Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked since 8pm and ended at 1am. This game is very addictive!

Playing Mario Kart online is a humbling experience. There will be people better than me!

Bought Mario Kart7 Asia version. It would seem that staff of Datablitz SM Cebu does not know the difference between Asian and North American editions. Now if I only have the time to practice.

Picked Shin Megami Tensei DS overclocked. Very pleased with it so far instead of getting WWE. MK7 will have to wait 'till the 15th

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Linux Mint has dethroned ubuntu as the #1 linux based on hits per day as tabulated by distrowatch. There's an increasing dissatisfaction of Ubuntu users. Follow the link to read more

An amusing stuff at the Carreta Cemetery Cebu, there were a few people passing by the mass wearing a headband with LED horns akin to a devil 'twas as if the Devil was fleeing from the Holy Mass itself.

To my Catholic Bros and Sis. kindly refrain from giving 'foods for the dead' as they do not eat rather earthly spirits may consider it as an offering to them. The best offering that you can have for the dead? Your OWN Prayers for them.
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