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Charlton Trezevant
Developer, tinkerer, creator of stuff.
Developer, tinkerer, creator of stuff.

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This blog had migrated.
Hello and welcome to my now defunct Blogger instance! This blog is no longer active and all content has been moved to a shiny new Medium publication (which now sits at ). There are numerous reasons for this, the chief of these being a mu...

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Scraping for Cache, Or: It's Not Piracy If You Left It Out In The Open
Proudly included in the Spring 2016 edition of 2600 magazine! As a student, I love to have digital copies of my textbooks available. Ease of reference, portability, and minimal back strain are 3 reasons why finding digital copies of my books are hugely impo...

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Simple, Encrypted Storage on Cloud Services
The Problem I often find myself at a crossroads of privacy versus convenience, where I might have to trade certain amounts of one for the other. In the case of cloud storage, however, I've found Google Drive to be an incredibly useful tool for keeping every...

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Cooling Down the Hotlinks: Taming Bandwidth Usage with No Compromises
So I just noticed that my site is the third result on Google Images for "weed". I feel successful. — Charlton Trezevant (@charltontrez) March 22, 2015 Last year, I noticed an alarming increase in the outbound traffic on charltontr...

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Live Picture Frames: A Curious Perspective
Over the past week, I converted an old Kobo ereader into a live photo frame that displays a new photo from the Curiosity rover every day. The project turned out exceptionally well! As always, source and instructions are on GitHub . Case removed, picture fra...

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Archiving your Pocket articles with Ruby
I've been seeking a more powerful and extensible alternative to Bash, and so I've recently begun experimenting with Ruby. For my first "real" test of the language, I decided to solve a problem I had been seeking an answer to for some time: Since the web is ...

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Language Speeds: A Quick and Dirty Test
Some time ago I decided to run a quick test to determine the performance of several popular programming languages by measuring the execution time of an algorithm to compute the greatest prime factor of a number. The test itself was easy enough to set up and...

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IPv6 Support is Here!
Following a change in my hosting configuration, I've decided to enable IPv6! You can now connect to any of the sites hosted by CTIS with the marvelous new IPv6 protocol, provided that your ISP or tunnel provider peers with DigitalOcean.  And on a semi-relat...

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Get notified when your linux server boots.
Getting notified of things is great, and when one of your servers boots up, it's always good to know when. With that in mind, it's easy to add this feature to most any Linux or BSD server without much trouble, especially since I've already done the work for...

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Banepost.c: Easy Baneposting for the Linux Enthusiast
Have you ever been browsing your favorite online forum or social media website, when suddenly, you see the perfect opportunity to make a reference to your absolute favorite meme?  Have you ever proceeded to throw your hands up in anguish when you suddenly r...
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