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How Safe Ginger Tea Intake During Pregnancy?
Pregnancy is a very crucial condition in every woman's life, when she is responsible for the health and survival of another life developing inside her womb. Right from the moment of conception, till the condition is diagnosed, and throughout all the nine mo...

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Amazing Rotoverter That Can Produced 1100 Watts
RotoVerter is a remarkable piece of energy saving engineering that can be applied readily to off-the-shelf components. Utilizes an AC motor - with a modest change in the wiring, a motor rated to run at 460 volts on 3-phase, at 20 - 30 amps, can be made to r...

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How To Make LED Light Bulb Assembly
You don’t need any special skills to assemble a LED lamp. Five minutes of free time, a few tools and some desire to make something by yourself - that's all you need to build a modern, beautiful and efficient light source. By assembling LED lamp with your ow...

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PLDT HomeBro Ultera Huawei B2268s 4G LTE Admin Unlock Finally
Finally, the PLDT HomeBro Ultera aka Huawei B2268s 4G LTE wireless broadband CPE now revealed on how to unlock the Admin account to the fullest. As we all know someone will always leak to the public no matter how they conceal it those good guys out there wi...

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Free Avira Internet Security Expires on 2020
First of all you must have the CD Installer of either Avira Internet Security Suite 2015 or Avira Antivirus Pro 2015, if you don't have it your hand then just download this file (avira_internet_security_en) its Avira Internet Security Suite 2015 or the (avi...

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Huawei B2268S 4G TD-LTE Wireless CPE
HUAWEI B2268S 4G LTE TD-LTE CPE Wireless Gateway This is a newer version of the popular HUAWEI B2268 LTE CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). Previously it was B593u-12. The new B2268S has a maximum download speed of 150 Mbps and in addition to penta-band TDD...

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HUAWEI B315s-936 LTE CPE : Globe New 4G Wireless Modem
The HUAWEI B315s-936 LTE CPE is the new release of Globe Telecom 4G wireless broadband modem router liter than those 4G home gateway they have served to their subscriber. So far this CPE device is still not being exploited as it is still new and it still ca...

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HUAWEI B593s-931 LTE CPE Unlock Firmware
Today I have just successfully unlock my HUAWEI B593s-931 LTE CPE, the firmware attached here is for old and new version if you wanted to openline your Globe 4G wireless modem router so that you can use it on the other 4G network such PLDT/Smart Telco netwo...

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GLOBE 4G HUAWEI B593s-931 LTE CPE Default Username Password
You can use any of your fave web browser and point to hit enter, you will be prompted with this login screen.  The new Globe 4G wireless modem router with VoIP fx  and USB port aka
HUAWEI B593s-931 LTE CPE. The default Username is us...

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The Huawei B593 LTE Family
The Huawei B593 4G LTE CPE Router. There are many sub models such as the HUAWEI B593U-12, B593s-82, B593s-42, B593u-501, B593u-513, B593u-91. They are designed to meet the 4G LTE Band requirements for different markets. They incorporate similar configuratio...
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