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Kelvin Nicholson
Innovative technologist passionate in transport management and open data.
Innovative technologist passionate in transport management and open data.

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Even in the densest block in Sydney, we still have visitors like these Lorikeets.
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Here's what made my jaw drop when reading this article:

"To do this while you’re securely connected to a website with an address beginning with https, Graham explains, Superfish intercepts traffic from the site and makes it searchable by tinkering with the Windows operating system and granting itself the ability to masquerade as any web site on the internet."

I have owned a T23, an X61, and an X200. That's about 10 years worth of Thinkpads. With my X200 nearing retirement, that's it for me. Although I would install Linux on the laptop when I first got it, this type of behaviour makes me question if they've done anything else dodgy in their laptop's firmware.

I'm finding most of Google's apps are becoming unusable on my Galaxy Nexus, especially if they use the keyboard. The text bar in hangouts takes 20-30 seconds every time I want to send a message. Installing something else for Jabber (hangouts).

Frustrated enough that I'm tempted to get an iPhone, which says something if you've met me.

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Geocoding Photos (Mac)
I've recently started using OSX (again), and am really enjoying it (again). One Windows-only tool that I found really useful is  Geosetter , which allows you to add geo coordinates into photos. There don't appear to be any free geocoding tools that work to ...

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Who says you can't camp in the urban jungle?

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All kinds of cool. Kind of makes me want to get some lily pads and do some wearable hacking.

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Snap-CI Deploy to OpenShift
There are some wonderful CI / CD  tools out there right now, and some of them have very usable free tiers. A few good examples include Shippable , Wercker , CloudBees, and Snap-CI . There are others, of course, but these all allow at least one private proje...

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Your time to join 1300 other developers and open data fans in Australia's GovHack event is running out - just one day left until the competition kicks off! (July 11th - 13th)

There's a bucket load of prize money to be had and no need to travel very far, as there are over 10 established competition sites, including two in Sydney.

You can compete remotely, too. So, if you're interested in open data and hack events, or know somebody who is, then don't delay:

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Solved: slow build times from Dockerfiles with Python packages (pip)
I have recently had the opportunity to begin exploring Docker , the currently hip way to build application containers, and I generally like it. It feels a bit like using Xen back in 2005, when you still had to download it from, but there is hug...
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