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From former Google Reader designer Kevin Fox

And so I put my resources where my mouth is. As the former lead designer for Google Reader, I offer my services to Google, rejoining for a three month contract in order to restore and enhance the utility of Google Reader, while keeping it in line with Google’s new visual standards requirements. I will put my current projects on hold to ensure that Google Reader keeps its place as the premier news reader, and raises the bar of what a social newsreader can be.

+Mihai Parparita +Alan Green +Sergey Brin +Larry Page

Toggle Full Screen in Google Reader

Lots of users hate the new Google Reader design. For me I hate the left sidebar in particular because it looks rather too cluttered.

While waiting for the arrogant Googlers (alas, they used to considerate guys back in last decade) to fix this shit, we can choose to hide the sidebar (or navigation pane).

1. Make Navigation pane invisible by default. Go to Settings -> Preferences and uncheck the box before "Always start with the navigation pane visible"

2. Navigating with keyboard shortcuts.
To select a feed, click "gu";
To select a tag, click "gt";
To make navigation pane visible, click "u";
To toggle full screen, click "f"; To
To get help on shortcuts, click "?"

Using Google Reader in full screen mode makes me feel a little better.

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That's great. All online banks should have implemented this feature.

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Google Plus Tips & Tricks

Well, I know I am geeky. I need to do set operations on Circles. Anyone else find this feature extremely useful? Please do reshare this message. +Sergey Brin +Larry Page +Andy Hertzfeld
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