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Joseph Shaw
WordPress Blogging, SEO, & Social Media Marketing
WordPress Blogging, SEO, & Social Media Marketing


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Any other Dads had their little girls do this to them?
The right way to be a father

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Do the 7 Habits by Steven Covey Apply to Home Business Owners?

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Lost 5 Pounds over the last week doing the Body By Vi Challenge. Marlene (My wife) lost 5 pounds to! 

We did it using this...

+Jamie Turner Hey Jamie. Hope you're doing well! Quick Question.

I have a friend that wants to setup a text msg service that will allow people team members to subscribe themselves so they can receive weekly alerts and occasional updates.

Are there any services you would recommend for anywhere from 50 to 500 subscribers? It should also be scale-able if he grows larger, and it should be easy to setup and use.


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Are People Hacking YOUR Blog? Personally, I get about 6 failed HACK ATTEMPTS EVERY DAY!

Learn a few easy ways you can Secure Your WordPress Blog Without Touching Any Code.

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Wanted to share this...

5 Ways to Turn Email in to a Secret Weapon for Social Media by my friend Jamie turner -

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Want to Make More Money? - Boost Conversions Step 1: Review Your Offer -

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Every Wonder why some of your posts get tons of +1s and others go unnoticed?

It could be because your not doing this...

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Here's some great Home Business people to follow...
+Richard Petrillo and +Vicki Berry

Check out this great article by Vicki - I've been there...
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