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Chivalry and Sorcery
Chivalry and Sorcery RPG (putting smiles on peoples faces since 1977)
Chivalry and Sorcery RPG (putting smiles on peoples faces since 1977)

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Chris is having a sale on to correspond with his own Birthday.

For those who don't know what Chris is up to, I will poorly summarise 6D6 as; a card deck system where there are different types of cards to correspond to Attributes, Skills, Equipment etc. Similar in concept to the Munchkin card game from Steve Jackson but used in a full RPG sense.

Chris's own site can explain it a lot better than I can

Sales Update

We are running a sale this weekend, in honour of my birthday and the Queen's Jubilee. After 36 hours, the figures stand at:

Total sales value: £48.40 

This is two transactions, one for the Outbreak! pdf and one Lifetime membership.

Our production costs for these sales are about £2.50 (transaction fees and overhead costs). Writers payments are about £15 so the profit, i.e. what I put in my pocket, is about £33. More than I made from last weekends Birmingham Expo and with a lot less work. 

The sales runs officially until Monday but in reality will extend to Wednesday.

I would like to reach the £100 mark in sales before its over. If you can give the sale a shout-out on your G+ / Twitter / Facebook it would be very much appreciated.

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C&S Gladiators – public playtesting

We did some public playtesting of C&S Gladiators at the UK Game Expo show last weekend.

The good news is that the games played were fun & had great pace to them. It was clear that the choices the player makes in controlling their Gladiators is paramount. Phew! without those attributes it wouldn’t be a very good game I think and I’d have had to go back and do a major reworking of the base assumptions!

Lots of small things came out that needs tweaking, including the Action Point cost of certain actions & the balance between attack & defence. Basically the defences were too good making for a longer fight. We changed the rules on these on-the-fly for the next game to see the impact and the tweaks worked very well.

Of particular interest to me was how the “Retiarius” (Trident & Net), “Laqueaius” (Spear & Lasso) & “Scissor” (Sword & Special disarming weapon) types would work out being “edge cases”. These three are amongst the most unusual types that have the ability to disarm and/or incapacitate their opponents. However I needn’t have worried, they work out very well indeed although small tweaks are needed to them in terms of the cost of certain actions and weapon ranges.

Whilst it’s taking longer that expected to get this to market, it’s getting close now. So back to editing for me and more playtesting over the next several weeks.

Design notes: The design goals for C&S Gladiators is to have; a simple, fun and fast paced tactical combat game. It needs to fit within 44 pages and be 99% compatible (in both directions) with the full Chivalry & Sorcery core rules.

44 pages doesn’t go far when you take out Table of Contents, Index, Artwork, Character Sheets, Background info etc.

The arms & armour of Gladiators are a matter of historical record (IE I’m not making them up). What I am free to do is determine how they work within the rules EG should the Thracian’s curved sword provide some bonus for working around shields? Most Roman weapons were thrusting weapons but the curved sword is more appropriate for slashing damage. How should the Net or Lasso work? etc.

Most of the mechanism is hidden from the player. By this I mean that I pre-calculate the armour types and values along with the weapon speed, reach & damage as per the C&S main rules. I then present that as a simplified pre-calculated set of numbers for the C&S Gladiators players.

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Japanese robotic boffin Takahashi unleashes his teams (Tokyo University) latest creation... robotic buttocks, called Shiri in Japanese.

Video highlights for those short on time:
1'35" - under the skin showing the internals
2'15" - Takahashi prodding the buttocks
2'28' - Takahashi slapping the buttocks
2'37" - Takahashi fondling the buttocks
2'45" - Takahashi caressing the buttocks
Astute follows of science may remember Takahashi from his 2011 success with robotic kisses. I look forward to their fusion project that combines both of these note worthy successes as our politicians can really use this technology.

Watch the 3min 51 sec video @

Rumour has it that the buttocks took Takahashi to the movies and bought him dinner before this slap and tickle session.

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Hot buttered Crumpets

How my stomach yearns for their buttery goodness right now!


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Let me introduce you to +Matthew Bryan the artist I commissioned to do 8 original pieces for the upcoming C&S Gladiators rules.

I've persuaded him onto G+ so he's "billy no mates" at the moment. So add him to your "Artist/Art", "Comics", "RPG" circles as applicable please to get him kickstarted on G+!

Matt is a talented artist, obviously, with a stated preference for Super-Hero's, Pinup's & Fantasy style art. Still, he didn't blink (too hard or often anyway) when I asked him to do me a set of historically accurate Gladiator pieces (obviously I helped with info & details).

More details @ and Matt's own page @

Below is our take on Pollice Verso (Jean-Léon Gérôme did this topic back in 1872 ->


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I did a little article post. Gives some more insight into the internals of commissioned bespoke art.

AKA "the making of"...

This is just 1 of the 8 pieces that a really talented artist called Matt Bryan did for me. I'm braced for comments about the choice of Vector artwork :-|


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After Episode 1 of Game of Thrones screened in the UK I posted that it was crazy that they didn't do a quick recap/catch-up from the previous series.

I went on to predict that they would be doing a catch-up/recap of the previous week in future episodes and that attitude was crazy. By that I mean no reminder for events/characters from several months ago yet they'd find an excuse to waste time reminding us of stuff just a week ago.

True enough these last couple of episodes started with a previous weeks recap (started Ep. 4 I think) and quite a long one too.

Old post here -> (

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BGD (the publishers of C&S) and Chronicle City (+Angus Abranson's new venture since leaving Cubicle 7) signed a distribution deal recently which was announced early today for the distribution of Chivalry and Sorcery products in retail outlets.

See short press release @


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Now this is impressive... taking discarded floppy disk hardware and making it play tunes...

007 theme on floppies

can anyone recommend a chrome extension that brings back a proper scroll bar in G+? Currently the G+ window has no up/down arrows (whereas every other window is fine). I've tried a couple of extensions without luck.
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