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Another experiment! This one involves my recent obsession with Modernist Cuisine's macaroni & cheese recipe. I staged a taste-off with the Cook's Illustrated classic approach.


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Okay, guys, I want to set up a tumblr account to post photos of the nerdy cakes I make. Name suggestions? Bonus points for puns and pithiness.

Also please enjoy this photo of a grouper cake. It was parasitized by gummie worms in honor of +Chelsea Wood 's thesis on marine parasite assemblages.

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New Science Fare post, on how your brain is pretty convinced that red-colored drinks are red-flavored - even when they're lime. Bonus ketchup recognition quiz!

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How best to store green things in the fridge. Quantified by, among other things, an index of Celery Droopiness.

Spent the last 2 days conferring at the Western Society of Naturalists annual meeting. A finer collection of crazy Hawaiian print-type shirts has never been seen. (This is formal conference wear for important male biologists.)

Frickin' Netflix. I was all excited about signing up for streaming, only to find that Netflix gives a big ol' middle finger to the Linux users of the world.

‎"I saw a documentary on how ships are kept together. Riveting!" —Stewart Francis

(Saw this on a friend's Facebook feed, and had to share with my favorite naval architects.)

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A few months ago, many lemons were sacrificed in the service of science and deliciousness. Now, a tribute.

+Daniel Eling and I were disappointed in the official @MarsCuriosity Twitter feed, so we decided to give the rover an unofficial voice...

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Don't be afraid to make caramels from scratch! Follow my lead and (literally) beat them into delicious, sugary submission.
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