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Paul Osuch
Festival Director of the Anywhere Theatre Festival, partner of Alexandra McTavish and father of Oscar and Jack
Festival Director of the Anywhere Theatre Festival, partner of Alexandra McTavish and father of Oscar and Jack

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Big changes for next year so any event anywhere in the nooks and crannies of Brisbane can be part of 2016 Anywhere Festival. Registrations now open.
Registrations now open for 2016 Anywhere Festival running 5-21 May.

Exhibitions, screenings, workshops, retail, sports, gigs restaurants and markets and of course all kinds of performance anywhere in the nooks and crannies of Brisbane?

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It's crunch time - get your applications in now or forever kick yourself... or at least until next year.

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Some really simple changes that have made the Anywhere site so much easier (and prettier).
We've done a slight revamp of and thought it time to feature some new Anywhere images of performances taken by Anywhere Photographers. Hope you like it +Alicia Cush 

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And for the first time you can express interest in four festivals at once. Less form filling to make everyone happy!
Performer expressions of interest are now open for Anywhere Festival in Mackay and Isaac, Brisbane and Parramatta. DEADLINE is 4 December and expressions of interest are free!

Yesterday i set foot in 3 states and flew over a 4th. Today I drove 700ks and only drove through 4 towns. Australia is weird.

I don't think cafes should be able to claim they have working"wi-fi" if it takes longer for a google search than to drink a coffee.

I find it fascinating when people ask me q's online that can be answered more simply and accurately with four words in google. Why is this?

Sometimes I feel we spend our time making memorable moments for others and completely forget to allow moments for ourselves. 

Sometimes it feels getting a festival program completely, absolutely and unequivocably ready for print is like herding alphabetic and graphical metaphorical cats while wearing ice skates... in a muddy field... full of ticking bombs. Sometimes i wonder if it is best to just grab one cat and run before the explosions start.

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For all the tweeters amongst you, I will be curating @WeAreBrisbane this week, talking all things Brisbane and a number of other things besides. Follow and get into the conversation.
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