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The Body in Question
  When visiting the
Metropolitan Museum of Art, what caught my eye were the nudes of the human body
which were depicted in almost every gallery of the permanent collection. These
bodies were beautifully depicted in a sensual as well as in scientific manner....

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Performance Art at the Whitney Museum
     Performance art is or also known as temporal art, is a form of art that takes place at a certain time. These happenings can have many meanings about things happening in history at that time.     When visiting the Whitney Museum, there were many perform...

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LES Galleries Reaction
      When visiting art galleries, there are many elements that make it true to the area as well as the artist they're selling. When visiting the LES Galleries there were many elements that differed to the Chelsea Galleries we previously went to.      One a...

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Magritte:The Mystery of the Ordinary
             In Rene Magritte's exhibit "The Mystery of the Ordinary" the painting I chose was "The Philosophers Lamp" ( La lamps philosophique) . This piece skirts the limits between reality and fantasy in the sense that for the most part he is a man, his ...

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Design in Our Lives
    In our daily lives there are many designs that are innovative and help us with our daily routine. There are also designs that may be physically appealing, but lack the functional aspect thats needed. Design is not just limited to things we physically us...

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Illustrate a Story
What I found interesting about this story is the many downfalls this person faced before being diagnosed with depression and a mental illness. The elements seen in my collage are important events that happened to Josh for example when he called his family, ...

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" Chelsea Art Galleries Reaction"
    On our trip to the art galleries in Chelsea, there were many artists who's work we either liked, or we didn't.        An artist's work that interested me and that I would like to collect is Philip-Lorca Dicorcia's work. His work was found in David Zwirn...

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“Art and Identity: The Museum of Modern Art”
        Sometimes, an artwork can speak to the viewer in many ways. When viewing an artwork, the viewer can form a personal connection, a cultural connection, or even a historical connection. On the most recent trip to MoMA we saw many paintings that embodi...

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“Narrative Digital Collage”
  My collage is about the time I went to St.Marks with my sister. Although this doesn't look like an ordinary city scene, I wanted to inc...
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