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Computers, artificial intelligence...Be careful!
Nowadays, writing in a computer or a mobile phone, for example, is more and more common. People use the new technologies to write because it can be much easier. Although this can have many advantages, but it has also got some disadvantages. On the one hand,...

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Smokers to face one more ban
I remember, some years ago, people could smoke in bars and public places but nowadays this is impossible. Now, if you go to a bar or restaurant, for example, you don’t see people smoking, and this is because the government imposed a law that smokers can’t s...

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Mobile phones for children, good or bad?
Nowadays, children get a phone earlier and earlier. This can have problems although some parents think that the use of mobile phones is good and their children will be safer with them. This situation is very different from the one we had some years ago when...

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"The big bottle" is a party that breaks out without anybody planning it in advance. Many young people are for it, but most the adults are against for many rasons. I think, "the big bottle" is a good idea because young people can enjoy the party drinking and...
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