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And... My agenda is blown. Apparently my family is dragging me out to celebrate the Fourth. Compulsory attendance.

I guess this article will have to wait til next Saturday, because there's no way I'm finishing everything before 5:00.

On the plus side, I get to eat at Olive Garden.

Still, I'm working my buttons off. (Auto-correct, but I like it. Buttons!)
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I miss their breadsticks and salad...  Enjoy!
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MJ Bush

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First item on the agenda: pet the cat. Nothing can be done until the cat is petted. Tummy rubs are called for.

On a slightly more serious note, today will be royally busy if I'm going to get a +Writingeekery​​ post up tomorrow. The 5 Absolute Dimensions of Character Personality article is nearly done, but there are a lot of peripheral things to do before it can go up. And I'm still working on The Perfection Intervention.

...After I pet Ninja.

Update: Holiday familytime is infringing on my plans. But I get to eat at Olive Garden. 
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MJ Bush

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Sometimes being an Integrative Thinker is my BANE.
I have more tabs open than I can shake a stick at.

::gets to work using and closing tabs::
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Oh yes, tabs somehow happen...
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MJ Bush

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Swords! LEGENDARY swords, no less. The fantasy trope is real!
Swords are not only weapons, but symbols of great power, used over the centuries as offerings, in ceremonies, for coronations, and as precious items for trade. Over the years, a number of swords have been unearthed, bringing with them centuries of legends and incredible tales, linking them to famous figures and folk heroes. Here we feature ten striking swords from the ancient world. 
#sword   #weapon   #ancient  
Swords are not only weapons, but symbols of great power, used over the centuries as offerings, in ceremonies, for coronations, and as precious items for trade. Over the years, a number of swords have
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MJ Bush

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I am sicker than a dog right now.
My dog is actually quite healthy.
I am not.

(Letting everyone know there's a delay in my schedule.)
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As long as my dog is healthy,i'm good :)
..Hope you get well!
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MJ Bush

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Today, THIS.
If you haven't heard of #LatinLOLCat , you're in for a treat.

Persevere through difficulties.
I  made a #LatinLOLCat for the #growthmindset meme project today:
Persevera per severa.
Persevere through difficulties.
Note the nice word-play in the Latin! The etymology of the verb "perseverare" does indeed come from "severus," and it sounds good in Latin; in English, "persevere through severe things" would sound kind of weird! :-)
More growth mindset memes at the blog:
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That cat looks like he's on a very serious mission to murder someone lol
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Have her in circles
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MJ Bush

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Bubble wrap that doesn't pop? What is the world coming to?
These people seem to be mistaken about the primary purpose of their product.

As a small scale shipper, I totally understand how aggravating it is that bubble wrap takes up a lot of room. But I'd still be more likely to use it than to buy a specialty pump to inflate stuff that will disappoint my customers.
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Not just humanity, the robots in Wall-e enjoyed bubble wrap as well...
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MJ Bush

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Writingeekery Update
Change is in the air. Burnout is fading, and I have an EDITORIAL CALENDAR. Amazing.

Things are falling in line after being in chaos for so long. On the front lines in my head, projects and articles were battling to the death for priority, and none of them would cede ground. 

But the nightmare is over.

Now, about that change I mentioned... I'm planning to start posting to Writingeekery weekly. Don't die of shock on me. I can't guarantee I'll be great at it, especially at first, but I'm going to try.

All encouragement is greatly appreciated. =)
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MJ Bush
Thank you, Laurie. =)
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MJ Bush

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There is an unmatched beauty in books.
Books, books, books. 
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+Dan Suptic Yes! I tend to read on Kindle these days, but I love real books, and I will keep my library.
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MJ Bush

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It just needs bookshelves...
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Nice thought
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MJ Bush

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Preview: How to Ruin Your Editing Experience
This is a partial rough draft, and I want to know if you're interested in seeing/hearing the rest of it. (I'm considering doing a video. Schmancy!)

Most of you know that I've been struggling with burnout for about 8 months now. Before that I was like a whirlwind of fire writing articles, and working with clients, and creating courses and tools. There's a graveyard of unfinished projects on my computer. (And backed up elsewhere, I promise.)

I've tried to be very open about my struggles, but what you don't know is that I had an author relationship go south, and it has weighed heavily on me, wondering what I could have done differently. To be clear, not everything in this list was done by that author. It's a list of things that I have come across at one time or another, and I needed to get the whole thing off my chest.

But really, this post is about you.

Professional editing is a big investment. So you should get every penny's worth.

So I present: 8 Ways to Ruin Your Editing Experience.

Sarcasm font ON.

Pick the first editor you meet, without seeing if you agree with their philosophies.

Boast about your precious. That'll obviously make it clear that you expect light changes only, even though you're also expecting a skyrocket in sales.

Try to control the process. The customer is always right, so tell them how to do their job and what areas you want to hit first. Make sure to set an unreasonable deadline.

... </sarcasm>

Alright, that's the first three. Do you want the other five? Should I post this on Writingeekery?

This post was specially shared with those that have asked to be notified of posts about Writingeekery. If you'd like to be notified when I post Writingeekery articles (usually fully-fledged), tell me and I'll add you to the circle. Thanks!
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The other issue with betas is they approach the work from the perspective of their opinion which is very different from the more balanced perspective a skilled editor would view the work from.

I did find the beta process valuable but I took all feedback lightly. 
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MJ Bush

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Is diving across the bed to pet the cat a valid form of exercise?

(Stretch-dancing was interrupted by the lure of a tummy in needs of scritches. Every writer takes an occasional break to stretch and dance, right?)
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Lol +MJ Bush:-)
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Fantasy Editor, analytical creative, far-flung dreamer.
I run Next-Level Storycraft for Geeky Novelists.

  • Goals are more powerful than rules. Know your goal and you can discard the rule.
  • The more you understand about your story, your characters, your world, the more inspiration and options are open to you.
  • Deep, complex characters are the strongest, most fascinating characters you can have.
  • Never stop learning. Never assume someone knows everything about the craft. Never assume you know "enough." Never assume it will be easy.
  • Your process will likely be unique. Follow the path that works for you, for your story.
  • Try new things. It's part of learning, and it's part of finding your process.
  • Plot and character are equally important. Each fuels the other.
  • Understand the rules to break them effectively. This ties back to knowing your goals.
Editing applications will open again soon.

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