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moronix says flatpack now works with nvidia?? has someone tested this? wow this would be sooo nice

edit : but issue is still open, or maybe am i totally confusing stuffs

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love ace-jump & use gnome-shell? well why not mix both?

GNOME only issue is its first letter.

i'd rather quit Emacs.

has someone an advice? what i look for - & what probably other people look for - - i like vim style navigation (well, the ijkl style
- i made a little minor mode so i can a-la vim navigate, but use standard shortcuts like ctrl+r to replace. If if use eg, alt+r, this is the replace "menu" , offering lot of replace fucntions (upcase, regexp, sort, ...). Or to take another exemple i can ctrl+f to find but alt+f to have to find menu, like 'occur', 'tags', & so on.

i'm going to test tons of editors but hints appreciate... thanks!

Best point on the Linux Desktops are... desktop env / wm. There is so much choice, so much stuff.

Then comes apps, and until we can run Android apps on the desktops it starts to become less fun.

Then come drivers, and this is why not to blame people using other os.

GNOME software reviews are difficult. One has to review once

a) for all versions.
b) for all devices.
c) for all distro.

Eg one CD burning app has a bug with one pluggin, making CD unusable unless you disable the pluggin. But the bug might be on some distro only.

I guess
- more reviews = this tend to get better
- including info in reviews would help (review metadata)

Will i be able to flatpack a whole desktop environment ?

still arch : "Arch Linux ships with /usr/lib/systemd/system-preset/99-default.preset containing disable *. This causes systemctl preset to disable all units by default, such that when a new package is installed, the user must manually enable the unit. "

uh. is that really good?

trying arch.

1) mount /boot before install or your car will miss the starter...
This one is really my bad!

2) if you use lvm you need to tweak initramfs. This one is rather an issue on the wiki, it says to tweak initramfs "on some corner case", plus it dares to say lvm has disadvantage to be "difficult". Seriously? No. Arch is difficult while fedora does nicely do the job for me! lvm is as difficult as right click -> lvm. On Fedora.

3) arch wiki does not tell what to do when kernel is updated. i guess that means system does what is necessary. Or will i use live cd soon?

so, trying arch because i love its wiki, so i hope not to be disapointed, & maybe contribute slight improvement. Somtimes a slight improvement is a saved computer ;)

Switch window : what's your best bet to jump to the right window quickly? Let's imagine many many windows, sometimes several instances of the same application. If you qlare going back and forth the same two , you need something. Have you found it? Maybe is the some emacs ace jump like applied to wm?
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